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8 Reasons to Carry around a Notebook ...

By Alison

Being a writer, I’m rarely without a notebook. In fact, I usually have several that I use for different purposes. Some for factual information, another for work, yet another for creative thoughts … there are lots of great reasons to carry a notebook around with you (and a pen) …

1 Memory Aid

Memory AidPhoto Credit: Reem eng

How annoying is it when you’re out, you read something interesting, but by the time you get home you’ve forgotten what it said? If you have a notebook handy, you can write down the dates and times of events, shop addresses, prices …

2 Tidiness

TidinessPhoto Credit: Katie Arwen

Carry a notebook, and put an end to filling your bag with those scrappy pieces of paper. It’s much tidier and durable to note things down in a notebook, as pieces of paper get lost or scrunched up.


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3 Passing Time

Passing TimePhoto Credit: Ocell

Stuck waiting for an appointment, train or person, when even 10 minutes can seem like hours? Pull out your notebook and write down something. It can keep you entertained for quite some time.

4 Collect Your Thoughts

Collect Your ThoughtsPhoto Credit: carolinabird

Are you wrestling with a problem, or trying to make plans? Writing them down can help, and with a notebook in your bag you can make note of any useful thoughts that come to mind.

5 Make Lists

Make ListsPhoto Credit: ~ Sandy ~

Sometimes this works for me, sometimes not, but list-making can help you to get organised. Jot down what you have to do, cross things off as you achieve them – okay, it might sound ridiculously obvious but it’s a good way to make use of a few spare minutes.

6 Information

InformationPhoto Credit: ADIDA FALLEN ANGEL

Are you forever forgetting important information or phone numbers? Obviously I don’t advocate writing down PIN numbers, but it can be useful to keep some information at hand, especially when dealing with bureaucrats. We get so many numbers these days …

7 Space Saving

Space SavingPhoto Credit: memake

With a notebook handy, you can collect little bits of information rather than dozens of leaflets or booklets that soon get tatty and torn. This is especially useful for information that you want for future reference, rather than immediate use.

8 Being Creative

Being CreativePhoto Credit: eklektick

If you like to write or draw, having a notebook gives you the chance to express your creativity whenever it strikes. It doesn’t matter if nobody else ever sees what you come up with, the important thing is getting out that creative urge inside.

Are you a notebook fan? Do you like the handmade, decorative version? What do you use yours for?

Top Photo Credit: Amir K.

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