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8 Things I'm Thankful for ...

By Jennifer

Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, so I’ve started thinking of all the things I’m grateful for this year. And there are so many! I’m a very lucky girl, but sometimes, until I sit still and think about it, I forget all of the things I have to be thankful for. So I’ve made this list, and printed it, to keep in my wallet, so I won’t forget, and so I can look at it whenever I feel the need to feel grateful. Here are 8 things I’m grateful for.

1 My Daughters, Sister, and Mother

My Daughters, Sister, and MotherPhoto Credit: heather_juma

I have the best mother, sister, and daughters I could imagine. They’re my best friends, even though I live across the country from my mom, sister, and oldest daughter. I’m so grateful or their love and kindness and support. The four of them top my list every year, and I doubt that will ever change.

2 My Health

I’m a lucky ducky. I don’t have allergies, I’m not diabetic; I don’t even have overly dry skin. I’m very healthy, and I work hard to stay that way. As I get older, this item moves higher and higher up the list, because I know how important it is to be healthy, and how lucky I am that I am in good health.

3 My Smarts

I’m a smart cookie, and I’m not afraid to say it. I’m proud to be smart, though it’s taken a long time to be happy about being a nerd. I love books. I love college. I often wear glasses. So? It’s so much better to be a smart nerd than a dumb bunny!

4 Modern Technology

With my mother, sister, and oldest daughter thousands of miles away, I count on the miracles of modern technology to keep in touch, and keep close. Cell phones, Facebook, and the internet are my connections to the people I love, so I’m very thankful, apparently to Al Gore, for inventing it (the internet, that is).

5 Losing My Job (and Finding Myself)

In the fall of 2008, only a few weeks after my husband suddenly threw me and my daughters out, I lost my job. I was devastated, and scared… but now, two years later, I wouldn’t go back to either one of them. I may have lost my husband, my job, and my security, but I found myself — I’m in college, freelancing, and loving life with my girls.

6 Philosophy

Now on to the more shallow, tangible things I’m grateful for, like my favorite skin care products. As someone who suffered my entire teenage and adult years from wicked acne, I’m so thankful I’ve finally found a range of products that keeps my skin clear, and lets me shine.

7 Jane Austen’s Novels

Jane Austen’s NovelsPhoto Credit: Saídos da Concha

I’m a book lover, a bibliophile in the extreme, and my favorite author is Jane Austen. I love few things more in this world than lazing on a couch with a hot cup of tea (see below) and my love-worn copy of “Pride and Prejudice.”

8 Trader Joe’s Mango Black Tea

Speaking of tea, I’m fairly certain that it runs through my veins. I’m especially fond of Trader Joe’s mango black tea, with a little honey. When I run out, the world is wretched. When I get a new box, all is well with the earth. It’s so wonderful, and I’m so grateful for it. Now that I’ve said this, of course, they’ll discontinue it.

These are the things I’m most thankful for, and the list rarely changes. Every year, it grows, which is something I’m grateful for in itself! What marvelous things, or people, in your life are you thankful for? Does your list change as you get older, and if so, how? Please share!

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