7 Reasons FarmVille Rules ...


7 Reasons FarmVille Rules ...
7 Reasons FarmVille Rules ...

I admit it: I am a huge fan of FarmVille. I spend about half an hour every day harvesting pretend crops, planting imaginary trees, and tending to make-believe animals. And I’m not alone. Literally hundreds of millions of people around the world love this free game, too, and if you’ve never tried it, you don’t know what you’re missing. Here are 7 reasons FarmVille rules!

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It’s Relaxing

It’s Relaxing Photo Credit: keepinitcheap

No matter how stressed or unhappy I am, just seeing my neat rows of trees and my cute little sheep are all I need to calm me down and cheer me up. It’s remarkably relaxing to harvest my fantasy crops… almost as relaxing as actual garden work, only without the bugs, humidity, and dirt.


The Animals Are so Cute!

The Animals Are so Cute! Come on! Who out there doesn’t think these sheep are completely adorable! The one is dressed up in a pumpkin costume! And just wait until you see all the different kinds of cows… and ponies… and cats… and puppies… and pigs… and don’t even get me started on the ducks!


It’s Free

It’s Free That’s right — unlike a lot of popular video games, FarmVille is totally free. There are some bonus items, or rare and exotic trees and animals that will cost you real dollars to have, but you do get one FarmVille dollar every time you level up or participate in a special promotion. See all of those trees and things with the little FV dollars next to them? That’s how much they cost… and you can get 25 FV dollars for 5 REAL dollars. Most items are free, but these special ones cost money.


It Helps Haiti

It Helps Haiti In the past year, FarmVille has had several promotions to collect money for Haiti, first to help farmers there, then to give emergency aid after the devastating earthquake, and then to help build a school. So far, FarmVille players have donated $3,000,000 — one dollar at a time.


It Gives Me an Outlet for My OCD

It Gives Me an Outlet for My OCD One quick peek at my farm and you’ll know I suffer from a mild form of OCD. All of my trees and animals are lined up in tidy rows, grouped together by type and color. Even my crops are done in a checkerboard pattern. FarmVille gives me a much-needed outlet for my OCD, so I don’t bring it into my real life.


The Artwork is Amazing

The Artwork is Amazing There are a few FarmVille addicts who have nothing on their farm, no animals or crops. They use their farm as a palette, and arrange pretend hay bales or trees in various colors to create incredibly detailed, wonderful art. Amazing!


It’s Good for Kids, Too

It’s Good for Kids, Too Photo Credit: Carenet Healthcare Services

Kids love FarmVille, and it’s perfectly clean, so there’s no reason they can’t play, too! There are so many games they can’t play, but this one is free of anything questionable — even their winery doesn’t sell actual alcohol, it sells juices.

Those are the reasons I like to play FarmVille, and I’m not ashamed to admit it! It’s a lot of fun, and it’s so relaxing! Do you a fellow FarmVille player? If so, add me! If not, why? How can you resist those adorable animals?

Top Photo Credit: JennKstep

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haha, about the 5th point. my farm is exactly the same - everything is perfectly lined up. there has to be a system and order. and what is OCD? I really don't know

I used to play farmville until I found myself going back to do stuff every few hours every day instead of devoting my time to studying. I've since deleted all the fb games I used to play so I log on to fb maybe twice a day and I focus on other things.

I'M a farmville player every day...I did not get my egg tree and did follow all the direction's. the last 7 farmville cash I had I did buy a wedding .tree. I spend all my farmville cash on this site and promote it by word of mouth???so how's come you can't deliver what you said???...THANK YOU...

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