10 Reasons I like Cataclysm ...


10 Reasons I like Cataclysm ...
10 Reasons I like Cataclysm ...

World of Warcraft is one of the most loved massive multiplayer’s out today and it’s still amazes me. Besides the long patch and large game file, the game is the best. The new expansion has finally came out and it’s better than the last expansion. Cataclysm is the latest expansion of the game and I would like to give you 10 reasons I like cataclysm….

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The new expansion allowed you to be the new race of goblins. The goblin known as the money greedy loving race they are today is now a playable character in the World of Warcraft. They love money and technology. They even have a neat sport car for a mount! They also have a neat rocket propelled belt that makes you jump super far!



The Worgen was the best thing they brought to World of Warcraft for the alliance side that is. The playable race has plenty of new features that they can do. Like turn into human or turn into their own mount. Level 20 you get your first mount and that is yourself. You also get fast speed at starting level. This makes plenty of additions to each class for speed and getting away from enemies.


Torn World

The new World of Warcraft has changed altogether and for the best. New quest and much more were added to the game. Also, the quests have more interactions. The barren land also, was changed and many home lands for certain areas were too.


New Troll Starting Point

The trolls don’t start out with the Orcs anymore! This means new land to explore for the trolls and they added new classes. Trolls have their home land back and started anew. They now have their own land for trainers and new quest.


Gnomes New Starting Point

The gnome race has fought back most of it’s land and now start far away from the smelly old dwarves. These little characters now have their own new quest.


New Classes for Each Race

Every race acquired a new class they can be and this made it more balanced and fun to play. Humans can now be hunters. The dwarves can now be shamans and pwn the PVP arenas. The Trolls now can be druids and have their own cat form, bear form and travel form. Tons of new additions to each class and this made it more open to be what race you want to be in the game. The Tauren now can be a paladin. I didn’t see that one coming, but that’s perfect for that race. This means they can make an awesome tank with healing!


New PVP Arenas

PVP is what makes World of Warcraft so much fun. You join pvp through a queue and meet thousands of people to test your abilities. Most classes are even and well balanced, when playing pvp. At one time when they were testing cataclysm, the rouges owned the lower bracket. They fixed that though. They added a few new pvp areas!


PVP Has Brackets of 5

What I mean by this is that, you don’t have to worry about lower levels anymore. You join at level 10, you are up against level 10’s to level 15’s and when you get to 16, you battle level 16 to level 19. This makes PVP more fun and challenging. This was the best addition they brought to the PVP.


New Arrangements to New Cities

They changed almost everything around. They moved the auction house in Stormwind and made a cemetery. Also, Orgrimmar has totally changed! Orcs have the largest city in Azeroth. Also, thousand needles is now underwater. That’s fun for a druid with underwater form.


Flying in the Land of Azeroth

You now can fly in the land of Azeroth! This is the best thing they brought to the World of Warcraft. Now, you can travel faster than before. You can use your fast speed flying mount to get to and from anywhere in the main World.

World Of Warcraft is one of the funniest games I play with my husband. We enjoy the time together and now that the new expansion is out, we have new races to be and this brings more fun to our game play together. Have you played the new expansion yet?

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