8 Reasons to like Video Games ...


Video games are fun to play and there are many reasons why I say this. If you agree with me on this, then please leave a comment. Below, I am going to give you 8 reasons to like video games …

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They Relax the Mind

They Relax the Mind Photo Credit: Fernando Gregory

When you have a lot on your mind, playing a video game will help to relax it. It will help you forget about the troubles that you have been having – at least for an hour.


They Improve Coordination

They Improve Coordination Photo Credit: BeerLuver

It has been proven that playing video games will help to improve coordination. If you do not believe me, then look it up and review the studies that have been done.


They Improve Your Thinking Skills

They Improve Your Thinking Skills Photo Credit: schreiblockade

Video games improve the thinking skills. Why is this? I believe it is because when you play a video game, you have to think quick. When you get used to this, you start to think quicker in the real world.


Good Way to Spend Time with Family

Good Way to Spend Time with Family Photo Credit: XLeoparde

I believe that it is a good way to spend time with your family. I like to play video games with my husband and daughter. We all have fun together.


They’re Challenging

They’re Challenging Photo Credit: XLeoparde

I am the type that is always up for a challenge. Video games will definitely give a good challenge. There are many challenges. For example, in WoW, you got to level up, get gold, do quests, dungeons and PvP.


Your Friends Play Them

Your Friends Play Them Photo Credit: Julien / zac

I believe a good reason to play games would be because your friends do. Of course, I have never been one to say you should do what your friends are doing, but in this case, it is much better than going to parties.


You Can Use Grenade Launchers

You Can Use Grenade Launchers Photo Credit: Our Little Life

Okay, this one is meant to be funny, but hey, it’s a good reason! What gamer out there does not like to use the grenade launcher? Video games allow you to be destructive and we all know what happens when you’re destructive in real life – that equals trouble.


You Can Be Anything You Want to Be

You Can Be Anything You Want to Be Photo Credit: ddsnet

Yeah, in a video game, you can be what you cannot be in real life. You can let your inner being lose and not have to worry about others judging you. For example, you always wanted to cast magic, didn’t you? Then you can be a mage on World of Warcraft and cast all the magic you want. You can even turn people into sheep, penguins or turtles.

Those are 8 reasons to like video games. Video games can be very exciting and will help make your life not so boring. So, why do you like games? Wait, you don’t? Then why do you NOT like them?

Top Photo Credit: Ming - chun

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