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8 Facts on Video Games ...

By Aprille

Video games have been around for a while now and I would like to give you my blog on 8 facts on video games. There are many different know facts that video games can do for you or teach you a few things about our history. Please read my 8 facts on video games…..

8 Video Games Have Evolved over the Last Decade

Video Games Have Evolved over the Last DecadePhoto Credit: sammo371

Video games have come a long way with graphics, controls and fun. The old joystick for the Atari is no more and now we use a remote that allows you to imitate a sword swing or a boxing hit. We also have face recognition for the x box 360. The graphics now will blow you away. In the early years when the first Nintendo came out the graphics were just hitting the side scroll ages.

7 Kids That Play Video Games at Early Age Learn Faster

Kids That Play Video Games at Early Age Learn FasterPhoto Credit: cutshair2010

Kids and video games are the perfect combination. Reason for this is that they develop better minds. Imaginations explore and teach them good hand coordination.

6 People That Play Video Games Feel Relaxed

People That Play Video Games Feel RelaxedPhoto Credit: rybesh

It’s very true, because when I play video games I feel relaxed. You can get lost in some of these games that have puzzles or an exiting story. You may forget life outside the TV existed. Very good stress relief, unless you play something aggravating.

5 Video Game Making for Career is More Often Today

Video Game Making for Career is More Often TodayPhoto Credit: Catalyst Connection

People that go to collage and want the career of a video game maker can now be more successful now, because of the demand of creators. Many people have been going into this field and make a big appearance on some of these big hit games.

4 It’s the Future Way of Living

It’s the Future Way of LivingPhoto Credit: Campin' Guy

The day of ping pong or pool is going to be over before you know it, because life technology is making changes in life everyday. People can play pong or pool on the new Consoles out today and be using a virtual stick to do it. Bowling, baseball and much more has made a appearance with gaming consoles today.

3 Video Games Can Help Kids Stay out of Trouble

Video Games Can Help Kids Stay out of TroublePhoto Credit: Jp Corkery

This is a proven fact, because my kids play video games and stay out of drugs and. They go outside and do things like other young adults, but they seem to stay glued to the new technology. Many studies say that video games can help kids stay away from trouble with the law.

2 Video Games Can Bring Married Couples Together and do the Complete Vise Versa

Married couples that play video games together, learn what each other like and get along better. It can also bring each other into more exciting lives and they get to both have fun together. However, some cases they can cause divorce and make a relationship go wrong. This could be a sign that you’re not meant to be together.

1 Video Games Help Military Train

This is also a proven fact. Virtual simulations are used to help soldiers learn how to combat and take certain approaches to warfare. Some of the best graphics and game designers made virtual software games for the military.

Well, there you have it, the 8 facts about video games from my point of view. Video games have changed lives of many people. Do you think my facts were interesting?

Top Photo Credit: saki-waki

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