5 Things Explained...

By Meream

5 Things Explained...

When you hear the word voodoo, you probably think of evil things right away. But do you know that there are things to like about this practice?

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How to Look Red Carpet Ready

Let's say you're going to attend an event that just happens to have a red carpet. You will want to look prepared for getting photographed. These are the products you need.


Here are some interesting things that you might want to know about roses. I can't grow anything but I sure found these cool!


Why Galliano Was Suspended from Dior

Apparently, he was arrested. Dior also has strict rules regarding proper conduct. I say good for them!


Okay, this will not really give you answers. What you will get are MORE questions. If you happen to know some answers, we'd love to hear 'em!

Have you read anything online lately that explained something one way or another? Tell us about it!

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There are many sellers in Ebay that actually sells Vudu spells or curses for you or for whoever you want it for.

why is good for dior having their number one face arrested???