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8 Things You Don't Know about Second Life ...

By Mercy

Second Life is a global gaming phenomenon that allows you have to virtual life in a virtual world along with other people. Each individual can create an account and an avatar to enter the Second Life world for an alternate living experience. Here are 8 things you probably didn’t know about Second Life.

1 No One Can Kill You

In Second Life, no one can kill you or harm you so much that your avatar disappears. You may end up in of the ‘damage enabled’ zones but even here, all that can happen is that your avatar’s health is reduced to zero and you are teleported back to your home location.

2 Teleport if You Need to Get Away

Whenever you need to get away, if someone is bothering you or you don’t like where you are, all you have to do is teleport away. However, you may find that you are constantly getting troubled by other avatars who get their kicks in this way. The best thing to do is just teleport away.

3 Female Avatars Will Get Grief

You should know that if you choose a female avatar you will find yourself the subject of attention as soon as you enter. There are characters whose sole pleasure in life is to trouble the first timers particularly if they are women. So if you choose to enter Second Life for the first time as a woman, be prepared for some grief.

4 There Are ‘no Entry’ Locations

Avatars in Second Life view their homes here a lot like how they view their real life homes. They don’t want people sauntering through it and can put ‘no entry’ banners that prevent you from exploring their area. Don’t be alarmed; you will probably do the same.

5 Adults do Act as Child Avatars

You will find a number of children in Second Life and in most cases they are adults taking on child avatars. This does not mean that these people are sick child abusers or underage users. It could just mean that they are adults enjoying being children again.

6 Mute the Annoying Characters

There is a mute facility on Second Life. If you find that you are constantly being plagued by some annoying characters that follow you wherever you go, you have the option of muting them. Just right click on their avatar and choose ‘mute’

7 You Can’t Get Rich Quick

Unlike the real world, there aren’t any get rich quick schemes in Second Life. If you’re thinking you can give up your regular job and make all your money in Second Life, you are mistaken. Very few users have reached that stage.

8 The Tutorial Videos Are Awesome

While tutorials are universally boring, they are absolutely awesome for Second Life users. Whether you are a first time player or experienced, go through a couple of tutorials to get a hang of what to expect. You will not be disappointed.

Second Life is an imaginary world that allows you to meet a whole bunch of new people without getting out your regular life. Hopefully the tips provided above can get you started on this adventure.

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