8 Facts on the Solar System ...

By Melanie

8 Facts on the Solar System ...

When I walk outside at night, I can’t help but to stop and gaze up at the stars. Every now and then, when the timing is right, you will come across a shooting star. There is just something about the Solar System that has always interested me – it’s mysterious to say the least. I mean, it’s so big and there’s so much that there is to discover. Is there other life forms in Outer Space? Is there another planet just like Earth with humans like you and I? There are so many questions that I ask myself when I look at the stars. Below, I am going to give you 8 facts on the Solar System …

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The distance from the sun is ninety three million miles. Yes, that is a long way from the hot star we call the sun. I would definitely like to keep it this way.


Biggest and Smallest

The biggest plant is Jupiter, while the littlest planet is Pluto.


Solar System is Bigger than You Think

The Solar System is much bigger than you think. Apart from the Sun and the planets, the Solar System has one hundred and sixty nine moons. You see, there is much more to the Solar System than what meets the eye and this is why I have always found it mysterious.


Asteroid Belt

There is an Asteroid Belt that is setting between orbits of Jupiter and Mars. Scientists have found over ninety thousand asteroids. The sizes range from just one meter in diameter to hundreds of kilometres in width.


All Planets Have an Atmosphere

That’s right, all of the planets have an atmosphere – even a number of the moons. The atmosphere of Earth is made up of primarily nitrogen and oxygen. Venus has a thick atmosphere that is made up of carbon dioxide along with some other poisonous gases, such as Sulphur Dioxide. Mars is mainly made up of carbon dioxide, but this atmosphere is thing. Jupiter, Uranus, Saturn and Neptune are the bigger gaseous planets and they are mostly made of hydrogen and helium.

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The Volcano on Mars

Olympus Mons is nesting on Mars. This is the largest volcano to be found in the solar system. It has a crater of eighty one kilometres wide and stands around twenty seven kilometres high.



How old do you think the Solar System is? It is said that the Solar System is over five billion years old. Wow.


Ringed Plantets

The four gas giants are the planets that have rings. Those planted include Neptune, Uranus, Saturn and Jupiter.

Those are 8 facts on the Solar System. I hope this blog posting by me inspired you to learn more about the Solar System. You should go out tonight and watch the stars. I always thought star gazing was romantic. This is definitely a good hobby that you should get into, because there is so much to learn. So, are you interested in this?

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The Sun is not a planet(#8) AND jUPITER is planet (#7).

The solar system will always remain a mystery to me

Cool, post, I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to learning about planets and the solar system, very cool. :]

Pluto is no longer considered a planet.