7 Strange and Wonderful Animal Facts ...

By Neecey

7 Strange and Wonderful Animal Facts ...

It would be really hard to sum up the animal kingdom. Imagine trying to explain a kangaroo or a penguin to an alien race. Creatures that taste with their feet, animals with four noses, marine life with three stomachs and birds that can fly backwards are just some of the wonders. Here are a few more:

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A Duck’s Quack Has No Echo

This is one of the great unknowns of the animal kingdom. Just imagine the number of ducks that have been made to quack in valleys, and caves, in bell jars and vacuums whilst the scientists try and figure it out.


A Female Ferret Will Actually Die, if She Can't Find a Mate after Going into Heat

Maybe it’s about time some dot.com entrepreneur started them a dating site. That would ferret out those slacking males.


The Sweat Glands of a Cow Are in Its Nose

Well, thank heavens for that. Imagine the smell if it sweated from its whole body. There’s enough noxious gas from its bottom already.


A Chameleon Can Move Its Eyes Independently of Each Other

Just think on how useful that would be. You’d be able to look both ways before crossing the road, watch a tennis match or check what your toddlers are up to whilst watching daytime TV and all without moving your head.


A Cow Can Be Led Upstairs but Not down Again

Ok, I want to know why would somebody take a cow upstairs anyway and what did they do when they found out it wouldn’t go back downstairs?

Famous Quotes

If you would take, you must first give, this is the beginning of intelligence.


Oysters Change Gender between Male and Female Several Times during Their Lifespan

Wow. I wonder how they decide?


If a Crocodile Loses a Tooth It Simply Grows a New One

Good job really because I would imagine there are not many people who would aspire to be a crocodile dentist.

And last but not least, I know people who talk through their a**e, think with their penis, sit on their brains, are as deaf as a post and blind as a bat. Despite the endless array of weirdness in the animal world, there’s nowt as strange as humans.

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Lol....liked the conclusion part most.

Poor ferret!