10 Amazing Facts about Our Universe ...

By Mercy

10 Amazing Facts about Our Universe ...

There is no doubt that we know very little about the universe. Also, we end up having to make some smart guesses about things that we do not actually know. But, amongst the things we do know, here are 10 amazing facts about our universe.

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It Was Hot when It Was Born

The Big Bang theory is the most widely accepted theory about the origin of our universe. According to this theory, the universe was a billion Kelvin when it was born and a second before it was born, the temperature is likely to have been 10 billion Kelvin.


It is Growing Colder

Today’s universe is found to have an average temperature of only 2.725 Kelvin. Compared to the temperature at which it was born, it is decidedly cooling. Speculation is that the universe may well end in a Big Freeze.


The Size of the Universe

Current estimates as with regards to the size of the universe pegs it at a width of 150 billion light years. Considering that it is expanding, it is expected to get even wider over the next billion years.


The Age of the Universe

The universe is said to be 13.7 billion years old. However, this is pretty much a guess and comes with a 1% precision figure.


The Flatness of the Universe

Considering that the earth is far from flat, this is certainly one of the most amazing facts about our universe. Based on Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, there are three possible shapes that the universe may take: open, closed, and flat. Measurements by WMAP on the CMBR have revealed a monumental confirmation – the universe is flat.

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Structures of the Universe

There are many structures to be found in the universe including- filaments, super clusters, and galaxy groups and clusters. The most common of all these are voids, or empty spaces.


We Can’t See Most of It

There are many aspects of the universe that we simply cannot penetrate through. Although different wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum such as those of radio waves, infrared, x-rays, and visible light have aided our visibility, it is still severely limited.


The Universe Has No Center

To my mind, this is another of those amazing facts about our universe that is difficult to digest. One just imagines that there was a big bang and the position of the big bang would be the center of the universe, but that is not true.


Members Are Moving Away from Each Other

The universe is expanding and all its members are moving away from each other. To bring matters closer home, even the moon is moving away from the Earth at the rate of 3cms per year.


Comparison with Super Small Structures

Scientists have come to believe that to understand the mysteries of the universe we need to study in depth structures that are smaller than the atom.

I hope that these 10 amazing facts about our universe will give you a new found appreciation for the space we are living in and are a part of. The universe is larger than we can possibly imagine. And, there are many aspects of the universe that are likely to forever remain mysterious to us.

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