7 Facts on the Internet


7 Facts on the Internet
7 Facts on the Internet

I can remember the days of DOS. If you can’t, then you might not realize how good you have it, when it comes to the technological advancements that have propelled humans into the world of the Internet as we know it today. It was very difficult to remember all the coded commands necessary to work older computers. Today all you have to be able to do is know where your computer’s power button is and how to click the correct buttons on the mouse. Here are 7 facts on the Internet that you might find interesting.

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17,000 Website Domains Are Added to the Internet Each Day

This is an amazing number of domains added each day. I wouldn’t be surprised if this number were to double in 5 years or less. The number of kids learning how to use a computer and the large number of computer-oriented jobs created each year will only boost the number of users. In turn, this will up the number of people utilizing the Internet for work and personal purposes and cause a much greater increase in the number of website domains added daily.


Businesses Who Use Interactive Websites Have a Faster Growth Rate

I know I’ve gotten spoiled when it comes to researching a business online. I have come to expect a company to have a website that I can peruse for further information or if I need questions answered. I tend to find it rather odd when someone says he/she works for a business that doesn’t have a website. The web is such an excellent way to advertise to people all over the world. The stats I found about small and medium size businesses stated that these types of businesses have a growth rate that is 46 percent faster than those without Interactive websites.


Women in the US Make up the Majority of the Blogging Population

The highest percentage of women bloggers also fall between the ages of 21 to 35. I wasn’t surprised by these numbers, but probably because all the women bloggers I know fall into this age category. This seems to be the age group that contains women who are either just getting out of college or starting up a business that involves blogging or reaching a turning point in their life and decide to take up blogging.


Nearly 250 Billion Emails Are Sent Daily

Of course almost 80 percent of these billions of emails are all SPAM. Thankfully programs that immediately detect spam are available; otherwise I probably wouldn’t even have an email account. Weeding through countless amounts of SPAM would be extremely frustrating. I’ve never seen the point in it all. My husband explained it to me once, but I still think SPAM is one of the most useless inventions ever.


The Majority of the Websites Found on the Internet Are in English

I’ve come across quite a few foreign websites that gave me the option to switch to English if necessary. I thought this was a very handy tool. My Spanish, French, and Norwegian are all very limited, so I appreciate the fact that most websites are in English!


More Men Use the Internet than Women do Worldwide

However, in the US, women are found to use the Internet much more than men do. Women might blog more, but it seems that men still use the internet much more overall. I wonder if this is because men seem to play online games more than women. I know tons of gamers and they all are men.


It Only Took the Internet 5 Years to Reach 50 Million Users

In order to reach this many viewers, it took television 13 years and radio 38 years. I thought this was the most amazing fact of all the various ones I came across about the Internet. I think this quick response has something to do with the fact that more people rely on computers than they ever did on television or radio. TVs and radios were more of a source of entertainment, where computers tend to be a source of income for many individuals.

These are the 7 facts on the Internet that I found most interesting. What facts have you come across that you thought were worth making a mental note of?

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