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Hi, I would like to introduce myself as Vaperia. I am a level 73 Mage. I am one of many characters that Melanie has. My favourite spell is Pyroblast and I also enjoy freezing people and turning them into penguins that walk around chirping. I enjoy kicking butt in PvP and who knows, maybe you and I will meet one day and I will kick you butt as well. Okay, so I’m going to let Melanie get started on her 7 facts on World of Warcraft …

7. Lots of Players

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There are around 11.5 million World of Warcraft subscribers throughout the world. If you look at it, that’s more people than there is in New York City. That is a lot of people who play World of Warcraft and I am happy to be one of them.

6. 150 Developers

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It only took a total of one hundred and fifty developers to create 5,300 NPC’s, 30,000 items and 7,600 quests in this game. Wow, I don’t know what amazes me the most – the fact that it only took 150 characters or the fact that there are so many items, NPCs and Quests in this game. Will it ever end? I doubt it.

5. The Server Side

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This is amazing – the server side of this game consists of 1.3 petabytes of storage, 20,000 computers, 5.5 million lines of code, 2 million words of text and 75,000 CPU cores. This is a very complex situation!

4. Wrath of the Lich King

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Something else that makes me say “WoW.” Wrath of the Lich King sold over 1,933 copies every minute. This came to a total of 2.8 million by the end of the first day. This made it the fastest selling computer game ever.

3. Gold

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In World of Warcraft, it is illegal to sell gold for real money – this is Blizzard’s terms. Yet, there are tons of “gold farms” out there. Many of them hack into accounts (our accounts were hacked not too long ago). Purchasing or selling gold with/for real world money will get your account suspended.

2. Most Popular Race

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The most popular race in world of Warcraft is humans.

1. Female

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It is said that one of every five WoW subscribers are females – see, we do play video games.

There you have 7 facts on World of Warcraft. I enjoy creating these facts on Wow and also enjoy working on my own World of Warcraft site. In the end, when all else is said and done, I also enjoy playing this game. This game is definitely up there with my favourite video games to play when I have time. There are so many things you can do in this game and when you reach the ultimate level 85, it will officially be time to kick even more butt! I know Vaperia cannot wait to reach level 85 and neither can my Worgen! For those of you who are going to post and say “this game ruined my relationship” or “this game is addicting,” save your time – I have already heart it. So, what are your favourite games?

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