5 Things to Make You Smile ...

By Meream

5 Things to Make You Smile ...

Play Dress up

Imagine you're a fairy princess. With a pretty fairy dress to wear all day. And matching sky-high heels, too!

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I love me some polka dot ANYTHING! Strangely, though, I don't own a pair of polka dot shoes. Looking at these makes me think that there is something lacking in my life.


Red, White, & Blue Nail Polishes

Red, White, & Blue Nail Polishes Nothing like patriotic nails to make you rock your long holiday weekend. Okay, how hot is that NARS Jungle Red shade?


Not the kind you catch when you go to the beach. But the kind you will your hair to sport so that you'd look extra hot. Do not fret, the link will tell you how to achieve sexy beach hair.


Cat Eyes There is something about cat eye sunnies that feel indubitably vintage and timeless at the same time. They also have that element of sass, in my opinion.

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