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It’s time to express those reasons why it’s cool to play video games and I will tell you 7 Cool Reasons to Play Video Games in this blog. Video games are a major cool thing to do for children, teenagers and adults. Let me tell you my cool reasons to play video games.

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It Helps You Comprehend Stories Better

It Helps You Comprehend Stories Better Photo Credit: ryo59plus

I’ve found that many people that play video games comprehend the story better, because you get to be in the story and be hands on. For those that don’t like reading books, you can play video games.


Eye and Hand Coordination

Eye and Hand Coordination Photo Credit: Ethony*

Video games help you with increasing your eye coordination and hand coordination. You can develop good finger and hand movements through pushing buttons or even using remotes like the wii or PS3 motion controllers.


There Fun to Play

There Fun to Play Photo Credit: andyversus

Of course its fun to play and it’s what cool kids do. People play video games to test their skills and have fun while doing it. Each different console has its own unique way to adding fun to your day.


People Find It a Hobby

People Find It a Hobby Photo Credit: CantStrafeRight

Video games are the perfect hobby for people to collect and play. Some people buy video games to own every old and new genre game today! It’s also a good hobby for kids, and adults.


Meet up with Friends Online

Meet up with Friends Online Photo Credit: medium121

It’s always fun playing video games with other friends and don’t have to be in the same room or on the same console. You can play online with friends through the Wii, Playstation 3, Nintendo DS and the X box 360!


Learn about Our History!

Learn about Our History! Photo Credit: Milgeek

Many video games base themselves on stories about our history and what things were earned through life. Some are make believe and fiction, but based on life stories or events. There are many war games that have gameplay about the past wars and what happen to get us being a free country.


Video Game Tournaments

Video Game Tournaments Photo Credit: sparktography

Did you know that if you are good at certain games, you can enter tournaments and win lots of money? Many games like world of warcraft, halo 3 and other hardcore games have tournaments that you can enter and win tons of money!

Now that we explained some cool reasons to play video games are you game to play? Everyone has a hobby and video games are one of the number one things people play and make as their number one hobby. Do you think these are some cool reasons to play video games?

Top Photo Credit: whitemage122

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