7 Reasons I Still Love Play-Doh ...


7 Reasons I Still Love Play-Doh ...
7 Reasons I Still Love Play-Doh ...

In a lot of ways, I am still a kid at heart. If I could get away with it, I would probably still play with my Barbie dolls all the time. As it is, there are some toys I still play with, for various reasons. Play-Doh is one of them. I can't help it! Maybe after reading about the reasons I still love Play-Doh, you'll see where I am coming from – and maybe even agree!

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Stress Relief

Play-Doh is a stress reliever for me. Some people play with those weird, pink, goo-filled heads you can find at Spencer's. Some people squeeze rubber balls. Some people chew their nails. I like to knead Play-Doh. You know how it can be really firm when you first take it out of the container, but if you work it enough, it gets as soft and pliable as actual dough? That's my favorite!


The Smell

Play-Doh smells like happiness and childhood. It smells like clay and grade school and innocence, plus a complete lack of responsibilities. Smelling Play-Doh makes me remember a time where the only things I had to worry about were being quiet and making myself fall asleep during nap time, and if my mom had packed the right Lunchable in my Care Bear box.


The Texture

The texture of Play-Doh is also evocative of childhood memories. It just feels nice. It's not like Gak, it doesn't squish between your fingers – but it also doesn't get stuck on everything. It's just malleable and awesome and it feels so … so young, somehow.



I still like to build things with Play-Doh when I get the chance. I don't have all the accoutrements anymore, that's true, but I am also better at free handing the stuff than I used to be. I don't need that spaghetti maker anymore, or the little contraption that had all kinds of slides; the Play-Doh always gets gunked up in there anyway, I can do better by myself!


An Answer to Boredom

When I have nothing else to do, no responsibilities to fulfill, there is Play-Doh. I can spread it out and have my way with it, so to speak. Then the next thing you know, a few hours have passed – but it still beats watching the Numa Numa guy on Youtube for three hours.


Evocative of Childhood

I think I have pretty much covered this one, but it still deserves it's own topic. Just seeing Play-Doh canisters in the store is enough to remind you of the proverbial good old days. Actually having some is even better – plus then you can actually do number 7.



Honestly, I just love playing with Play-Doh. When I was a kid, I used to be obsessive about not letting the yellow Play-Doh mix in with the blue Play-Doh and so on, because I didn't want my colors all messed up, but as an adult I realize I can always buy more, and thus thoroughly enjoy making a big, playful mess with all my colors.

Sometimes I also buy slinkies just for the fun of it. The same goes for Silly Puddy and those 25 cent canisters of slime you can get in machines. Are there any childhood toys you still buy sometimes, just because?

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