7 Reasons I Love My Wii ...


7 Reasons I Love My Wii ...
7 Reasons I Love My Wii ...

Before starting this post, I should be honest. The Wii does not technically belong to me. The Better Half bought it when we first started dating. Now it is my Wii-by-proxy. That still counts, right? And I still love it. It's my favorite video gaming console besides the PlayStation 2. Yes, I am behind the times, but MediEvil is a PS2 game and that is my favorite and anyway, I'm rambling, so here are 7 reasons I love my Wii.

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The Trauma Center Series

Ohhh man. I don't play a whole lot of video games, but until college, I wanted to be a doctor (forensic pathologist, y'all!) more than anything. Since I obviously cannot cut things up in real life, doing it in video games is fun for me, and that pretty much explains why I love the Trauma Center series: Under the Knife 1 & 2, Second Opinion, and New Blood. I like them on the Wii because the controllers lend themselves so well to the game. And that's all I'm going to say, so I don't risk sounding creepy!



Lots of gaming platforms are starting to promote exercise but the Wii is still my favorite. Wii Fit is awesome, and so versatile, plus there are tons of other games that help keep you active. Even the games the console comes with, the sports games (more about those in a minute) promote activity and exercise.


Watching Netflix

Netflix is one of my favorite things ever, and once I found out you could play movies through the Wii, I was all over that. Since so many of Netflix's movies can be watched instantly now, I don't even have a DVD subscription anymore. I watch random crap whenever I possibly can, it's awesome. Plus I am saving a fortune, not having all those premium movie channels on the cable.



I love karaoke. Karaoke is awesome. The only thing better than singing to myself while I am showering or running the vacuum cleaner is singing in front of a bunch of people. And I'll admit it, I cannot wait to get my hands on GLEE! Karaoke. Good times!



Dancing with Wii games is also fun. I won't dance a lick in public but jamming out to the songs on games like Just Dance 2 is tons of awesome sauce in a jar. Plus, the constant activity is a great exercise. And who knows? Maybe in time I'll learn some moves I wouldn't be embarrassed to bust out in public.


Wii Sports Boxing

Wii Sports is the go-to with games, sort of like Super Mario Bros. used to be. Basically, if you buy the console, you get the game. That is awesome, because I love the boxing game. You know why? Because it lets me vent my aggression. It is the best stress reliever of all time. Any time I get angry or stressed out, I go punch the crap out of an invisible opponent. The landlords probably hate it, but it tickles my pickle.


Multiplayer Madness

I know lots of gaming consoles have super multiplayer options but I like Wii best – and not just because it's what I have. You can have like five thousand people play. All right, that's a slight exaggeration, but it's awesome when you have a bunch of friends over and you can all play Mario Party or something.

There are tons of games for the Wii, but I seriously only end up playing Trauma, Cake Mania, and Cooking Mama. Do you have any recommendations? For those of you who do play games, either often or occasionally, what's your favorite console?

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I absolutely love the wii too : ) I've heard Netflix and the wii fit are the two best things involved. I personally love the fact that when you're playing it you're not just sitting on your butt being lazy. Also provides for great times between families.

Wii fit is the best, keeps me fit while having fun

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