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Who has the time to sit down and play a video game anymore? We’re all on the go, and it seems like the only time we have to play electronic games is while we’re on a plane, train, or bus… or are waiting in line. Why not bring your favorite game with you, then, on a hand-held gaming system or device? Or buy one to keep your kids entertained on long trips? Here’s my list of the 7 best hand-held gaming devices… any of these will do nicely!

1. Sony PSP and PSPgo

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Price: $249.99 at gamestop.com
I’m extremely brand loyal, and will buy anything Sony, and therefore PlayStation, before I even look at anything else. Luckily for me, PlayStation and PSP are excellent systems, with all m favorite games and features. I love the intuitive controls, and of course, the ease of use. The only downside is I can’t blame the system when I lose a game… hmm…

2. Nintendo DS and DSi

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Price: $189.99 at gamestop.com
Nintendo was the first to develop a modern hand-held gaming system, and the GameBoy is still a fantastic option. The advances they’ve made in graphics and game-play over the years are astounding, and the DSi is the top of the line. The touch-screen and split-screen work really well, and I love the color choices… and of course, all of the Mario Brothers games! If you still love your old games, no worries. The DS series are all backwards compatible, which means they’ll play all of your old cartridges, too.

3. LeapFrog Leapster2

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Price: $49.99 at toysrus.com
Looking for a hand-held video game device designed just for kids? Try the Leapster2, which features dozens of games with all your kids’ favorite characters, like Disney Princesses, Clifford, Dora the Explorer, SpongeBob, and more! The games are old separately, just like with other hand-held video game devices. Best of all, Leapster2 is backwards-compatible, which meals all of your child’s video games from the original Leapster will work, too!

4. Nintendo GameBoy Advance SP

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Price: $39.99 at gamestop.com
I loved my GameBoy Advance SP, and so did my daughter, when it was her turn to have it. There are so many games, and even video cartridges, and it’s so easy to use! It’s also a very good bargain, and they last FOREVER… the outside may get scratched, but the video screen and buttons seem almost indestructible…

5. LeapFrog Leapster Explorer

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Price: $39.99 pre-order at toysrus.com
This is more than an ordinary hand-held gaming device, it’s an on-the-go library, pre-school teacher, and video player! You can buy games online or as cartridges (like other gaming systems)… but you can also download flashcards, books, videos, and so much more! It’s really like a Kindle meets a GameBoy!

6. Vtech MobiGo Touch Learning System

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Price: $54.99 at toysrus.com
This is another hand-held video game system that’s designed specifically for the elementary-school set. There are so many game and learning cartridges you can buy to go with it, even the popular Toy Story 3 ad Shrek 4 characters! The games focus on early learning skills, like math, music, and phonics… so your little one will learn while they play, all on the go.

7. LeapFrog Leapster

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Price: $49.99 at toysrus.com
This original Leapster is still fantastic, and kids will love it! It’s not as online compatible as the Leapster2 or as bells-and-whistles as the Leapster Explorer, but it’s a great gaming system for little kids, especially if you can find one that’s gently used. I love that the stylus is attached… my daughter lost two of the little pens for her GameBoy DS within just a few days of getting it!

Choose a Leapster for your little one, or a PSP for you, and never leave your favorite game behind! I’m just waiting for a hand-held gaming system or device (or app!) that will somehow let me do laundry on the go… which of these video game devices do you like best, and why? Which games do you like to play on them, and where? Please let me know…!

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