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7 Things from the 1980s I Don't Miss ...

By Jennifer

I was a teenager through most of the 1980’s and while there are a lot of things I miss from that era, like John Hughes movies and a young, relatively normal Michael Jackson, there are so many things I do not miss at all! If you’re about m age, I’m sure you can relate to these, and if you’re younger, keep reading anyway, so your generation doesn’t repeat our mistakes! Here are 7 things from the 1980’s I don’t miss…

1 The Hair!

The Hair!Photo Credit: wiseacre photo

What were we thinking? The poufy, crispy bangs, the awful perms… and the mullets?!? Note to self: any hairstyle that requires large quantities of Aqua Net or White Rain hairspray probably isn’t a good idea…

2 Bad Eye Make-up

Bad Eye Make-upPhoto Credit: DaisyCat77

There’s nothing wrong with a little blue eye shadow, and sometimes playing with colored mascaras can be fun, too… but in the 1980’s, we took it a little too far. I look at fashion photos from that time and cringe… blue eye shadow? Never like that again!

3 High School Cliques

I loathe high school, mostly because I was preppy while the rest of the kids were burnouts. Of course, we also had some jocks and some nerds thrown in for good measure, but the cliques back then weren’t as integrated or accepting as they are now… ugh, cliques!

4 Jon Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal Movies

Jon Claude Van Damme and Steven Segal MoviesClosely examine every cheesy, mindless, testosterone-loaded martial-arts inspired action movie from the 1980’s and I’m sure you’ll find Jon Claude Van Damme and/or Steven Segal in there somewhere. I still can’t stand these two so-called actors, but they’re nothing as bad as they were during their heyday in the 1980’s…

5 Cabbage Patch Kids

Cabbage Patch KidsPhoto Credit: Toying with Starbex

I never understood the wild popularity of these hideously ugly dolls. Sure, they were one-of-a-kind, each one different from the rest. But they are UGLY. Terribly, nightmarishly ugly. I never wanted one, and they still kind of creep me out.

6 Pegged Pants/Hammer Pants

Nothing about these pants makes sense, yet they were so on trend in the late 1980’s! Picture this: pants with a high, tight waist, tight ankles… and so much incredibly baggy fabric in between you could fit three or four people in them. These were never attractive, and I’m glad they’ve been relegated to a fashion world twenty years ago.

7 Cheesy Hair Metal

Some metal bands from the 1980’s are still a love and well and touring today, and that’s great. But others were so cheesy, so wretchedly awful, they don’t deserve the light of day in this new century. Not sure who I mean? For starters, there’s Poison, Warrant, White Lion, and Winger. I shudder at the thought…

These are just a few things from the 1980’s I don’t miss, but there are lots more, like the Chuckie movies (awful tripe) and Roseanne Barr. Which of these things do you agree with, and which do you still love? Or is there something else from the 80’s you’re glad is long gone? Please let me know!

Top Photo Credit: StevenM_61

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