7 Pros and Cons of Lord of the Rings Online ...


7 Pros and Cons of Lord of the Rings Online ...
7 Pros and Cons of Lord of the Rings Online ...

I’m going to make this blog for those that want to know the pros and cons about lord of the rings online. There are a lot of people wondering if they should consider playing this MMOG, because it’s now free. I will tell you my 7 Pros and Cons of Lord of the Rings Online…

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Pro- It’s Free

Pro- It’s Free Photo Credit: gajacobs82

Lord of the rings online went free on September 10th. They have some restrictions, but for a famous story/movie game, you can’t go wrong. Now kids from all over can play a very fun game without paying a monthly subscription of 14.99.


Con- is It Free?

Con- is It Free? Photo Credit: gajacobs82

When they went free, there was a catch… You now have to become a VIP member to get certain things. However, you can purchase or earn turbine points to unlock certain things in the game. That means more character slots, inventory bags, unlock certain quest, and more. So is it really free?


Pro- Trait and Deed System is unlike Other MMOG’s

Pro- Trait and Deed System is unlike Other MMOG’s Photo Credit: Game World

The Trait and Deed system is what makes this game different from all MMOG. The trait system is broken down into 4 different traits. The virtue trait, race traits, class traits and legendary traits can be used for your character. The Deed system also makes the game fun to play. Each deed has its own specific needs like a quest. The goblin deed is earned from slaying a certain amount of goblins. Once you made the amount killed, you unlock the next deed and get turbine points.


Con- No Monster Play for Free Members

Con- No Monster Play for Free Members Photo Credit: Jesse757

Monster play is only for people that pay for the VIP subscription. You can’t earn it with Turbine points. You have to enroll in the VIP subscription that’s 14.99. Monster play is all out PVP for free players. So, does this mean lord of the rings lacks PVP. It may consider that people have to pay for being the bad team in lord of the rings.


Con- Quest after Level 24 Need to Be Bought

Con- Quest after Level 24 Need to Be Bought Photo Credit: Jesse757

The questing system is non-stop and fun, but if you play as a free member and reaching level 24 it comes to a halt. Many people that play and get to level 24 get sucked in through fun instance levels and skirmishes, find themselves paying more to quest. You might have to put a few dollars in turbine points to go quest in some areas, so be warned. However, I purchased the low lands for 56 turbine points and its good up to level 33.


Pro- Skirmishes

Pro- Skirmishes Photo Credit: Jesse757

This is a very different approach for a MMOG. The skirmishes are based on fighting off the enemies to protect the king type game. You have certain areas to defend and keep enemies back from entering your land. You have help from your APC in battle. He can be equipped with different attacks and can be a warrior, archer, mage or others. It’s lots of fun and it’s a different approach for a MMOG. Afterwards you’re awarded skirmish points and can get good armor and other stuff from skirmish camps.


Pro- Housing System

Pro- Housing System Photo Credit: Francis_7

It’s about time they kept up with the housing system. You can get a house for one gold and the upkeep for the house is 56 silver per day. You might take a while for the one gold earned, but it’s worth it. There is only one other MMOG that has a housing system and that’s Ultima online. At least they kept it alive.

It’s your choice to play lord of the rings online over some of these other MMOG, like world of warcraft or Aion. I think it’s a challenge, because of the deed the system allowing you to earn turbine points. I already earned and unlocked a few things through the turbine system by earning my points through the deed system. Do you play lord of the rings and what are your pros and cons?

Top Photo Credit: Gagtech

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