7 Good Coupon Sites ...


7 Good Coupon Sites ...
7 Good Coupon Sites ...

Clipping coupons out of the Sunday paper used to be a big thing in my family. We’d spend Sundays going through the newspaper ads and finding coupons for items we used all the time. Nowadays, there are websites where you can actually print off coupons you need. Granted, you’ll still have to take time to cut them out, but these 7 good coupon sites have a lot of coupons that the Sunday papers don’t!

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Coupons.com Being able to enter in your zip code and narrow the coupon search is always helpful when you’re looking into saving money at local restaurants. This coupon site not only has local coupons, but also codes for online savings, and printable coupons for a variety of places. There are coupons for apparel, office supplies, pet care, photography, toys, entertainment, food, and much, much more.



WowCoupons.com If you aren’t an avid traveler, then this might not be as exciting to you as it was to me when I found it. This coupon site had printable and electronic coupons for both the US and the UK. The travel coupons are especially helpful and it’s great to be able to print a bunch of them off before leaving on your travels to the UK. This is why I thought this to be a beneficial coupon site. It’s much easier to know how much you will be spending when traveling abroad. There are also plenty of coupons for restaurants, grocery stores, and retail stores while traveling as well. Why not be prepared?



RetailMeNot.com This coupon site even has a search bar at the top for quickly scanning through 65,000 different stores for coupon codes. All you have to do is type in the website and a list of coupon codes will be displayed, if there are any available for the site you entered. There is a great assortment of printable coupons for clothing, diapers, restaurants and tons more. The online coupons include codes for movie rentals, shoes, children’s clothing, Kohls, Shutterfly, and many more.



CoolSavings.com I like the way this coupon site has everything organized into categories; pets, kids, health and beauty, travel, babies, computer, automotive, home and garden, entertainment, and clothing. Each link directs you to a drop box filled with sub categories, which will then send you to the appropriate page filled with coupons you can use. There are a variety of online and printable coupons, and plenty of free stuff.



SmartSource.com If you prefer only using sites that offer printable coupons, then this is the ultimate source of coupons for you. Simply flip through the web pages and check the boxes next to the coupons you want and print them all off at once. Some people have certain settings on their computer that prevents them from being able to print these coupons, but most people find they work perfectly. You might need to do some juggling with your computer settings before you are able to print these off. It’s well worth the time it takes to make these small changes.



CouponMom.com CNN, the Today Show, and Oprah all recommend this coupon site. It is actually a combination of both other sites that have coupons available on them and a list of excellent coupons to print or use on line. It’s sort of the best of both worlds — coupons and access to more of them! There is also a section for free samples as well. Some of these samples are attached to coupons, but many of them are completely free. Who doesn’t like free stuff?



CouponCabin.com There are coupons for online discounts, printable coupons, and even coupons for local businesses. The online coupons on this website come with a code that is used for a specific store’s website. The printable coupons are for almost any product you can think of, like food, toiletries, shoes, books, and even office supplies. I love the variety found on this coupon site.

I hope you can find some of these 7 good coupon sites useful for saving money in your household. Even if you aren’t into clipping coupons, they are still good sites to bookmark for later, just in case. You never know! Are there any additional coupon sites that you’ve come across? Which ones are your favorites and why?

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Considering the volume of stores put together, the websites you have mentioned - like RetaimLeNot - definitely lead the race. These websites are enriched day by day by user contributed coupons. Nice to see the listings. Regards, couponboa

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