8 Ways to save Money on Video Games and Still Play ...


8 Ways to save Money on Video Games and Still Play ...
8 Ways to save Money on Video Games and Still Play ...

I am making this blog to give you all some good ideas on how to save money on video games. Video games can be expensive and we all know that it’s almost time for Christmas that some of the best titles come out ever year. You might say how do you afford them? Well, let me give you some of my ways to save money on video games and still play….

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Trading or Bartering

Trading or Bartering Photo Credit: MrSnap

This seems to be a good way to get games and you need to do it wisely. Bartering or trading your games for new ones or different titles can save you money. Instead of cash, you trade your game. Avoid places that give you low trade value for your video games. Sometimes you can go to craigslist and put an ad in to see if someone wants to trade the games you want for the game you wanted in return.


Ebay or Other Online Auctions

Ebay or Other Online Auctions Photo Credit: liewcf

Ebay is like the number one place to get games cheaper. You can save big time on buying lots of games instead of just one. Other online auctions like goodwill or other game sites can help you get used games for a lower price.


Yard Sales

Yard Sales Photo Credit: slimgatsby

I found so many games for just .25 cents at yards sells and found they are worth a pretty penny. You can find some older games or new games depending on what they have.


Flea Market

Flea Market Photo Credit: fredhenrique

Florida is full of flea markets or markets that allow people from all over to sell their stuff to others that walk the flea market. Flea markets have cheap games sometimes and systems. I’ve found many games I own today and still play today.


Buy Them Scratched

Buy Them Scratched Photo Credit: sebbivism

You might think I’m crazy, but you can buy scratched games and easily send them to a place to resurface them. I made my own buffer that fixes the cd and resurfaces them. They work just as new.



Discounts Photo Credit: Dano

You can find discounts with video game stores. Many game stores like gamestop have a 50% off discount on selected games or buy 2 and get one free. Just look up there website and see if they have a discount sell going on.


Try Thrift Stores

Try Thrift Stores Photo Credit: pixeljones

Many thrift stores don’t understand the value of video games or want a quick sell. You can find many thrift stores selling these games or systems for cheap prices. You can also find some old rare games that go for more than priced in stores.


Play Free MMO Games

Play Free MMO Games Photo Credit: programwitch

This is a free way to play games. You can simply type in Google free mmo games and find a long list of games to play. You can avoid the cost of buying a game, but need the Internet to play it.

Video games has come a long way and keep getting more expensive. Sometimes it’s worth the wait to allow the game to go down in price. Some games keep their value for a long time and this is determined by the popularity of the game. Another thing I want to add and didn’t list was that you can preorder new games and pay little at a time. Go every paycheck and pay 5 dollars. This helps you get new games that come out a few weeks later. Do you want to save money on video games?

Top Photo Credit: willster

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