7 Sure Ways to save Money ...

Yes, it's me again and I'm here to provide you a list of ways to save money. Money is what makes our world go round and you need to find a budget to make it to the next paycheck. If you plan to save money, you need to shop smart and choose the right times to shop. I shop during sale weekends or even during holiday seasons. Listen to my tips to make sure you save money.

7. Buy Food Wisely

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We all shop for food and when we do, we all need to think about shopping smart. Learn some recipes that can be made from cheaper food. Like I do for my family, we cook beef stew or sweet chili and make sure we cook a lot in order to have leftovers. Leftover food can save money, because that is food that can be eaten on another day. The Sunday newspaper is very helpful and full of coupons that can aid you save money as well. Plus the newspaper can tell you when the meat sales are during the week.

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