7 Sure Ways to save Money ...


7 Sure Ways to save Money ...
7 Sure Ways to save Money ...

Yes, it's me again and I'm here to provide you a list of ways to save money. Money is what makes our world go round and you need to find a budget to make it to the next paycheck. If you plan to save money, you need to shop smart and choose the right times to shop. I shop during sale weekends or even during holiday seasons. Listen to my tips to make sure you save money.

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Buy Food Wisely

Buy Food Wisely Photo Credit: -liyen-

We all shop for food and when we do, we all need to think about shopping smart. Learn some recipes that can be made from cheaper food. Like I do for my family, we cook beef stew or sweet chili and make sure we cook a lot in order to have leftovers. Leftover food can save money, because that is food that can be eaten on another day. The Sunday newspaper is very helpful and full of coupons that can aid you save money as well. Plus the newspaper can tell you when the meat sales are during the week.


Cut down on Cell Phone Usage

Cut down on Cell Phone Usage Photo Credit: yisris

Yes, I'm saying cut down on our life line, but we could save a lot of money from reducing texting and phone calls. If you want to save, you should get a pay as you go or prepaid phone and buy time when needed. However, if you can't part with the extra features that the iPhone or the BlackBerry provides, you need to cut down on the usage. That’s the only way, ladies.


Buy Used Stuff

Buy Used Stuff Photo Credit:danpeters

When it comes to clothes shopping, we spend a lot of money on the kiddies. However, sooner than we expect, they have already outgrown the clothes we bought. That's why you should consider buying used clothes. Although, for those special times, such as dances, school events or even holidays, buying new clothes will be okay.


Work from Home

Work from Home Photo Credit: kraemer

I personally say this is my most important money-saving technique. Working from home allows you to save money and enjoy being your own boss. Gas prices are soaring but if you work from home, all you need to do is drive your kid to school or go to the store to shop.


Destroy Your Credit Card!

Destroy Your Credit Card! Photo Credit: TheTruthAbout...

Credit cards get you into debt FAST. If you charge all the time, you will be spending more on interest rates rather than on the item you bought. Cutting all your credit cards up and getting rid of them saves you a lot of money. I myself use to have credit cards, but found out I was paying more than I expected on my purchases. Got rid of them and found myself saving money.


Stop Bad Habits

Stop Bad Habits Photo Credit: Vermin Inc

Habits can be very expensive and devastating in many ways. If you drink or smoke, you should stop. With the prices of cigarettes and alcohol constantly going up you need to think if it is worth it. Smoking is a nasty habit and can cause long-term health problems, so why do it? Yes, it's easy coming from a non-drinker or non-smoker, but think about all the money you can save!


Cut down on Your Housing Bills

Cut down on Your Housing Bills Photo Credit: bitzcelt

I do this every month and it works for me. To cut down on housing bills, we make sure we use energy-saving bulbs, air conditioning units that have energy star ratings and energy star electronics. If you do this, you can save a lot on your electric bill. To cut down on other bills, you should try to insulate the house with the best materials. We also always make sure windows and doors are sealed properly to save on heating. Also, you should learn about free TV rather than paying for direct TV or cable.

Saving money can be hard if you like shopping. I have always liked shopping for clothes for me or my daughter and find myself spending too much. However, with these tips, I have been able to manage our money wisely. I hope these tips help you as well!

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Does anyone kno a way to make $100 cash FAST?????

This article was definitely reflective of my life. All that eating out should be cut down and I need to STAY AWAY FROM THE CREDIT CARDS! Definitely a wake up call on managing my money wisely!

It seems that #6 about cellphones applies only to people who have pay as you go. Because if you have a monthly plan you have a set # of minutes and lets say you have 500min so you will pay the same amount whether you use 500 or 100 min

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