7 Small Ways You Can save 600 a Year ...


7 Small Ways You Can save 600 a Year ...
7 Small Ways You Can save 600 a Year ...

I’m always in the mood for a bargain, especially if it means I’ll be able to save money for a splurge item, like a new handbag or pair of killer stilettos. It’s not always easy to save, and I hate making big cut-backs, so I’ve done some research, and here’s a list of 7 small ways you can save up to $600 per year.

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Round up

Savings per year: $200
Round up Photo Credit: rdodson76

I’ve been doing this for years now, and every six months, I can treat myself to a splurge item, like a new pair of heels. When I subtract any purchase from my checkbook, I just round the amount up. So if the item is $10.43, I enter an even $11 in my checkbook… and the math is much easier, too!


Switch to Generics

Savings per year: $600
Switch to Generics Photo Credit: kaaaarly

It’s true that for some grocery items, you really get what you pay for. But for some things, like granola, the generic or store brand is just as good! Try a few generic items and see what you think… you’ll save big!


Bag One Lunch per Week

Savings per year: $350
Bag One Lunch per Week Photo Credit: Claudia.Annette

The average person can eat out up to five times per week for lunch. All that lunch money can really add up! To save a little money, brown-bag your lunch one or even two days per week… again, the savings will really be apparent!


Skip the Bottled Water

Savings per year: $250
Skip the Bottled Water Photo Credit: HATEM SALEH

Studies have shown that in a lot of cases, bottled water is the same quality as tap water. So why are we paying more than $1 per bottle? Invest in an eco-friendly reusable water bottle, and fill it from the tap.


Shower at the Gym

Savings per year: $180
Shower at the Gym Photo Credit: laurenlemon

If you belong to a gym, use their hot water and shower there. You’ll save on your energy and water bills at home, and why not shower after you’ve just gotten drenched in sweat? You don’t want to drive home like that!


Do Your Own Highlights or Color

Savings per year: $360
Do Your Own Highlights or Color Photo Credit: wisely-chosen

The Clairol Frost and Tip kit costs about $12 and takes about two hours to do. So why spend so much at the salon? Make a girls day of it, and highlight or dye each other’s hair, read Cosmo, and gossip all day!


Use Online Banking

Savings per year: $65
Use Online Banking Photo Credit: Netfalls

Using online banking won’t save a lot, but it will save a little… no more stamps, no more envelopes, no more buying checks, either! It’s also much more environmentally friendly, and so convenient! Give it a try!


Make Coffee at Home

Savings per year: $1,000
Make Coffee at Home Photo Credit: *Peanut (Lauren)

I know, I know, I love Starbuck’s too! But it’s really expensive, especially if you buy the espresso drinks. Buy a nice Starbuck’s travel coffee mug and make coffee at home, and you’ll save lots of money, right away… my total is for spending $5 per day, four days a week, for 50 weeks per year… see? It all adds up!

If you make just a few of these small changes, you’ll have the money for that new pair of Jimmy Choos in no time! I always round up in my checkbook, and I do my own highlights as often as I can, and I can really see my savings add up! Do you do any of these money-savings things? Or do you have another small way to save money? Please share… I’ve got my eye on a new Marc Jacobs clutch!

Top Photo Credit: nikkinoguer

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I have more tips for you: When going out at night enjoy the 'ladies night' bars and clubs, you'll save up a lot in drinks. When you're going to the beach or somewhere you're in no rush to get to, use the subway or bus instead of your car. You'll avoid spending so much in gas. Do your nails at home, one nailpolisher will cost you the same as a manicure and will last for several weeks. If you buy a certain magazine every month, subscribe it for a two-year period, you may save up almost to 50%.

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