10 Easy Ways to save up to 500 This Month ...


10 Easy Ways to save up to 500 This Month ...
10 Easy Ways to save up to 500 This Month ...

Where money is concerned, every little definitely counts, and whether your saving for a holiday or just need to cut your outgoings, everybody needs to save some sometimes. Here are 10 Easy Ways to Save up to $500 a Month that I've been trying out lately, hope these will work for you too!

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Stock up on Food You Eat the Most ...

Smart shopping can cut your bills by 20%! Keep an eye on the prices of foods you eat a lot, and take advantage of buy one get one free offers. I stopped buying tones of food that I do not really eat that much and that ends up in the garbage a week later anyway, such as too much fruit, veggies and bread. It's better to buy less and then make another quick trip to the store if you run out of something than waste money on stuff that won't be eaten anyway...

Saving: $50

Read more tips on How to Cut Your Grocery Bill for more tricks ...


Check Your Car Insurance ...

Make sure that you definitely have the best deal, whether you are in the middle of a contract or not. If you find something better, phone and question why yours is so high. 90% of the time, your own provider will price match to keep you happy.
** **

Saving: $40

Check out these tips on How You Can Save Money on Car Insurance ...


Stop Buying Bottled Water ...

Buy a reusable bottle, and put it in your handbag. This way, when you get thirsty, you'll already have a drink and wont need to spend so much on overpriced water! It's very "green" too, so not only you'll be saving you some money, you'll be saving our Mother Earth too! :)
** **

Saving: $52


Check Your TV Subscription ...

If you are like me and you watch about 5 channels only, make sure that you aren't paying for channels that you don't watch, and if you are, phone up and change your package. Again, suppliers want to keep their customers happy, and so making that call could save you money!

Saving: $48


Don't Buy Magazines or Books ...

Don't pay for magazines or books, read them for free in your local Barnes and Noble Book Sellers or Borders, you'll see that you'll be saving quite some money at the end of the month! I know I do! And it's so much fun to read books and magazines there too...

You can read all the fashion magazines you want, even Italian and French Vogue which I normally wouldn't buy (for they are around $13 a piece), and the atmosphere there is just amazing! Comfy chairs, cute coffee tables, your favorite magazines and a vanilla latte from their Starbucks... Could it get any better?


Saving: $50

See which Barnes and Noble or Borders Book Store is the closest to you!


Switch to a Prepaid Plan ...

While most people believe that pay as you go is better, if you already have a phone, a sim only prepaid contract could save you pounds! Check how many texts and minutes you usually use, and go for the package that's just a bit higher.

Saving: $80

Check this post called Find Prepaid or Montly Cell Phone Plans by City, State Or Carrier to find the best plan.


Use Bargain Printer Ink ...

While it can be much cheaper, there is no noticeable difference in printing quality, and you'll get the same amount of printing done, seriously. So why not to go for a cheaper one?

Saving: $55


Cancel Your Landline ...

Now you have a mobile with a prepaid credit, you don't really need a house phone. If you want to keep the number, use a program such as Skype which will cost you next to nothing. I use Skype now all the time, not only their rates are super cheap, I too can talk for free with my family and friends who too have free Skype accounts.

Saving: $40

To download a new version of Skype, go to their website www.skype.com.


Use Money Saving Vouchers ...

Most restaurants now offer deals on eating in their 'unpopular' hours, and often you can save a lot. It's worth looking for coupons for your favourite places, and seeing how much you can save! The average American eats out 3 times a week, but I am sure you it out more often than that, so you could be saving a lot!

Saving: $100

Check out these websites for printable grocery and restaurant vouchers and coupons:

www.fabuloussavings.com (for those of you who live in the UK)


Use Your Bathroom Essentials Sparingly ...

Try not repeating your shampoo, and see if it makes a difference. Dry your razor blades after each use, so that they dont rust. Only use a capful of bubble bath, rather then a long squirt, same goes for detergents. It all adds up, girls!

Saving: $15

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So now you've found ways to save money without changing your life too much, just imagine how much you could save up in a year! Have you got a brilliant way to save money? Please let me know!

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I love your posts! I mean don't get me wrong, I love fashion--trends--beauty etc, but most tips on the website are completely out of my league. Having tips on alternative ways (meaning cheap) of shopping, spa treatments and etc is absolutely amazing! Even though I think salvatore shoes are trendy and amazing, some of us women are in a tight budget too! tthankssss for that!!!

I'm so glad this post was helpful for you. so you think we should write more about affordable(real) stuff ?

shop online is a easy way of save money. dora365

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