8 More Ways to Make More Money ...


8 More Ways to Make More Money ...
8 More Ways to Make More Money ...

Last week, I wrote about some ways to make money online. Now, I am going to give you 8 ways to make more money! If the ways I gave you in the last blog did not catch your eye, then maybe these unique ways will!

Let’s get our wallets out and get ready to accept more money as we move forward to 8 ways to mak more money…

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Take on a Part Time Job

Take on a Part Time Job Photo Credit: *Peanut (Lauren)

With a lot of the part time jobs, it will more than likely take two weeks before you get that first paycheck. When you are in need of cash sooner than this, look for some jobs that will give you money right away, like ones that give tips. Waiting tables and bar tending are two examples of this.


Rent Your Spot out

Rent Your Spot out Photo Credit: extremeezine

Do you own some parking real estate? If so, then you could get some money in your pocket and more exercise by renting that spot out and parking further away. How does this one sound to you?


Return Those past Purchases

Return Those past Purchases Photo Credit: Christian Lau

Taking those recently purchases items that you found you do not want and have not been opened back to the store for cash is a good way to make fast cash. So, do you have anything sitting around your house unopened that you do not really need? Do you still have the receipt? Then return it! This is great if you are in dire need of cash right away!


Have a Yard Sale

Have a Yard Sale Photo Credit: Karl Hab

Do you have furniture, children’s items, electronics, jewelry, sports equipment, collectibles or anything else that is cluttering up your home, garage or storage? If so, then hold a yard sale! This is a great way to get some quick money on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Make sure you put out your advertisements so that people know about this yard sale.


Recycle Some Scrap Metal

Recycle Some Scrap Metal Photo Credit: 03Jeepgirl

Recycling scrap metal is a great idea! If you have some scrap metal laying around in your yard, then take it to your local salvage yard or recycling center. One individual got a camper for a little bit more than six hundred dollars. Then, he took his old camper and sold it as scrap metal and the old one almost paid off the new one!


Sign up for Some Medical Tests

Sign up for Some Medical Tests Photo Credit: skitzogerl34

Perhaps you could find wealth in putting yourself out as a medical guinea pig. The National Institutes of Health has three hundred studies that they need to have volunteers for. The Rochester Clinical Research was looking for volunteers that would be willing to test an Avian Flu Vaccine.


Pawn Your Stuff

Pawn Your Stuff Photo Credit: pbo31

When all else fails, you could always get your stuff together, go down to a local pawn shop and pawn it. Just make sure they give you the price that you want and nothing less. You are basically getting a loan this way, but you will have to pay it back and then a little bit extra before you can get your stuff back.


Sell Some Body Parts!

Sell Some Body Parts! Photo Credit: johnnyalive

Hey, I said these were unique ways and selling body parts is unique! No silly, I am not talking about selling your arm, I am talking about selling stuff such as your plasma. You know, the replaceable things. You can also sell your hair! In big cities, clinics are paying up to thirty five dollars for plasma and you can donate two times a week. For long lengths of hair, people may pay anywhere from a couple hundred to thousands of dollars!

So those are more ways you can make some money. Do you know of other ways to earn money? Please tell me!

Top Photo Credit: Gnerk

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