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5 Budget-Friendly Buys to Indulge in ...

By Meream

1 Leather Jacket

The great thing about the leather jacket is that you can wear it until spring. The best thing about this post: it offers under $100 finds.

2 Chic Boots

All under $100, too! We got these amazing steals courtesy of a sale. If you need (want is okay, too) chic boots, you gotta check this post.

3 Winter Boots

Now these are not as chic and flattering as the finds on #2 but they are necessities one should not be without. They are under only under $100. So if you can't be happy about the design, just be happy that they are affordable.

4 Blue Suede Shoes

No three words have sounded more decadent than BLUE SUEDE SHOES. If you want a pair under $50, Dana is your guide.

5 Target

A pretty purse, a pair of chic snakeskin ballet flats, a comfy flannel top, a little black dress, and a black skirt --- for under $20 each! That's Target for you.
Top Image by Fashion Under $100
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