10 Ideas to do a Food Budget ...

Figuring out a budget for food is the only way I’ve found to determine just how much we can spend each month on food. Having two teenage boys in the house makes budgeting a must. I’ve tried an assortment of methods and the top 10 ideas to do a food budget are listed below. Each of these ways helps me to keep the cost of food as low as possible.

10. Avoid Shopping when Hungry

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Photo Credit: Ben Heine

I’ll be the first to admit, I have done this numerous times. I always end up coming out of the store with more than my list had on it. Not only did I purchase more groceries than intended, but there are usually quite a few things that would be considered to be junk food. I try to keep a granola bar in the car for this reason. Even eating a single granola bar will curb my appetite enough to keep me from shopping with my stomach.

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