7 Reasons to Start Your Holiday Shopping Now ...

I admit it: I'm a crazy person. I've already finished most of my holiday shopping, and it's only mid-October. But while my friends and family merely roll their eyes at me, and assume it's part of my larger OCD, I keep my mouth shut and bask in the truth. I won't be anywhere near a mall on Christmas Eve, frantically searching for a last-minute gift for Gramma. I got started early, and will be calm and relaxed while they're all going crazy at Christmas. There are a lot of advantages to starting your holiday shopping early... here are my 7 reasons to start your holiday shopping now!

1. Not One Big Budget Hit

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If you split your holiday shopping across months, rather than weeks, your pocketbook won't feel the pinch in quite the same painful way. Here's an example: if your budget over all is $1,000, over five weeks, that's $200 per week. If you split it up across 10 weeks, though, that's only $100 per week, a much more manageable amount.

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