10 Ways to save Money This Holiday Season


10 Ways to save Money This Holiday Season
10 Ways to save Money This Holiday Season

With only a few days left until the holidays, there are probably a few people still looking for the best gifts, the prettiest decorations, and good deals on food. With so much left to do, can you save money? Waiting until the last minute sometimes makes you forget about a budget because you simply need to buy the stuff before time runs out. Here are the best ways to save money at the last minute!

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Start with Online Shopping Days

Shop online on “Free shipping day.” Yep, that’s right. Many online stores are offering free shipping. If you love shopping in your p.j.’s but hate the extra shipping fees, keep your eyes open for the times companies offer the free shipping. And don’t worry about you gift not arriving in time for the big day because most places promise Christmas delivery.


Online Coupons

I hate when I find an awesome coupon online only to find the coupon has already expired! But coupons can save you bundles! The best places to look for current, on the spot coupons are CurrentCodes.com and WebCouponCodes.com.


Sign up for Alerts

Many places offer email alerts to upcoming sales. They also send out coupons only members can use. So make the most of these options by signing up to receive notices and newsletters from your favorite stores.


Shop Outlets

Maybe you already know about shopping at outlet malls for up to 50% off retail. But did you know these outlet malls also offer coupon books where can up to an additional 30% savings? Visit the outlet malls web site and print the code for the coupon. Present it at the customer service desk to receive your coupon book!


Shop at Wholesale Places

If you are already a member of Sams Club or Costco, way to go for you! A recent report informed the consumers that the average Sams Club member saved $30 for every $100 they spent. I like that kind of savings.


Store Return Deals

When shopping for electronics, did you know that you can visit the store return isle? This is where stores keep the items that have been returned by customers. You can generally buy these items for a song, even though the item has never been used.


In Store Deals

Sometimes, all you have to do is ask! Visit the customer service desk and ask about upcoming sales. Many stores will let you take advantage of the sale that starts tomorrow, simply by asking. If you are a preferred customer, you may even have access to coupons.


Closeout Deals

Keep you eyes open for close out deals. When new models, fashion trends, or updated electronics make the scene, many stores will offer the older versions at rock bottom prices. You can by close outs for 90% off the newer version prices.


Clearance Items

Many stores will offer clearance items in their Christmas decoration. These are generally left over from the year before. I bought a package of 20 gift boxes on the clearance isle the other day for $6.00. On the “regular” isle, the boxes were the same price, but you only received three in the package!


At the Grocery Store

Does your family love boiled custard or eggnog? If so, look for the clearance priced drinks. Many places offer half gallons or quarts of eggnog for pennies because it expires in a day or two. Go ahead and buy the clearance one and take it home and freeze until Christmas dinner. Make sure you use the eggnog when thawed and throw the any unused away because it will not last more than a day or two after it is un-thawed.

These are easy, fast ways to save money this year on the holidays. You can save money when you know how to shop! What are your favorite price buster ideas?

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