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Saving money seems to be on everyone’s minds, especially with the holidays just getting over. I feel there are times when it’s best to save money and times when you need to splurge on something. I don’t believe in spending tons of money on something that is unnecessary. I have certain things in mind that I feel people should be free to spend a good deal of money on. I’ve made a list below of 8 things you should splurge on. See if you agree!

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A Good Mattress

A Good Mattress Photo Credit: awinner

Who wants to sleep on a lumpy or thin mattress and wake up with aches and pains every morning? Investing in a good mattress right from the start will save you from having to spend money for a replacement mattress in a year. A really good mattress set should last you at least 10 years.



Underwear Photo Credit: hexteam2

There’s nothing worse than having to pick my underwear out of my rear end every time I stand up. Quality underwear will save you the chafing and the embarrassment that comes along with cheap underwear. I think you can probably lump bras into the underwear category too. Cheap bras aren’t worth messing with at all. Toss it in the trash and buy yourself one that doesn’t cut off your circulation or ride up every time you wave good-bye.


Your Mental Health

Your Mental Health Photo Credit: Hôtels Villegia

If you find that you need to take a day at the spa to maintain your sanity, then by all means spend the money. I don’t think there should be any compromise when it comes to making sure you are in good mental health. Sign up for a yoga class, hire a personal trainer, buy some relaxing music, or whatever it takes to help you keep a level head.


Supportive Shoes

Supportive Shoes Photo Credit: wine me up

Wearing shoes that offer excellent arch support and have the right amount of cushion will provide you with not only pain-free feet, but much more. You shouldn't have any lower back pain or swollen ankles. Issues with busted veins shouldn't arise either. Purchasing shoes with a bit more cushion and support can make all the difference in the world. I highly recommend getting comfy and supportive shoes if you have an occupation that requires you to be on your feet all day.


Take a Vacation

Take a Vacation Photo Credit: merfam

Sometimes you need a break from it all. Getting away from your job, needy neighbors, the incessant barking from the yappy dog down the hall, or just to give you time to be alone is often unavoidable. I'm all for spending some hard-earned dough on a vacation that will help me ease my mind and allow me to feel like I don't have a care in the world.


Learn Something New

Learn Something New Photo Credit:Bill Wittman

You're never too old to learn. Take a knitting class at the local annex, join a spinning class with a friend at the gym, or maybe just buy DVDs to help you learn a foreign language. I don't think that spending money on education is frivolous at all. I think that paying to learn something new is an excellent way to splurge.


Get Things Fixed That Are Broken

Get Things Fixed That Are Broken Photo Credit: Julie Z.

I find that there are times when I just need to break down and spend whatever is necessary to complete projects around the house. Splurging to finally get things fixed around the house will not only make me feel better, but sometimes it eliminates the existence of a safety hazard.


Go on a Trip to See Loved Ones

Go on a Trip to See Loved Ones Photo Credit: Miss Luyk

I don't think you should ever not go see loved ones because you are trying to save money. I've learned the hard way that life is way too short. There have been two instances in my life where I felt the need to go visit a family member, but put it off in order to save money. Both of these instances resulted in the death of the family member before I got the chance to see them one more time.

This is my list of 8 things you should splurge on. I hope you are inspired to make your own list; it definitely helps you realize where your priorities lie. What types of things do you think are all right to splurge on?

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i agree on all of those! i am definitely not one of those people who go crazy with cheap things: quality is certainly more important, and there's this saying here that goes something like it's the money that knows what something is worth, not the people. a higher price can oftentimes mean better quality

Ohhhh............so true suggestions.

totally agree. + I spend money on quality classic clothes - like the litte black dress, that shouldn't be cheap

A day at the spa always helps

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