8 Things You Can Get for Free ...

Believe it or not, some things really do come for free and I’m not talking about love, respect or any of those things right now. I’m talking about material stuff like free cosmetic products, foods and even books, movies and tech stuff. Some people collect these things for hobby while others see free stuff as a chance to save some money without giving up the satisfaction of trying out new products. So here are some things you can get for free…

1. Makeup

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How many times have you been interrupted in your make-up shopping with that famous, “Sorry to bother you – would you take this survey” line? Whenever I see the promotions crew I do my “busy customer” look hoping they won’t try to talk me into losing half an hour of my time filling out paperwork. WRONG MOVE! Do the survey! The longer it is, the better the chances are that there will be free make-up after it. Oh, yeah, and definitely tip the “I would like to receive offers, coupons and samples” box in the bottom. We all know the sample secret, right? No? Well, samples are sometimes better than the real deal because the company wants you to have a great first-time experience and immediately buy the product. Don’t believe me? Why do you think people are going so crazy about the sample sales of perfumes?

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