10 Amazing Dates That Are Almost Free ...

Dating is expensive. I mean, the new clothes and endless drinks with friends analysing what happened all add up, and then youโ€™ve got the cost of the date itself...and no one wants to appear stingy. There are some date ideas which donโ€™t cost very much at all, though, and can be much better fun than the typical meal out or watching a film. Saving money and having fun?! Sign me up!

1. Cook Together

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Eating together can be a great date, but a five star meal comes with a 5 star price tag. Unless, of course, you make it yourself! Find a recipe from a top restaurant (I love using copykat.com for this) and make it together. Not only is it great fun, but there is less pressure and it makes the meal much more exciting too. In short, it makes eating together funner, sexier and youโ€™ll get to know each other better. Ace!

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