7 Places for a Date He Cannot Say No to ...


7 Places for a Date He Cannot Say No to ...
7 Places for a Date He Cannot Say No to ...

Are you tired of the same old boring dates? If dinner and a movie is no longer a fun routine, it’s time to spice things up with something new. Here are some ideas that your man will enjoy. In fact, these are 7 places for a date he cannot say no to. Give one of them a try this weekend and it’s guaranteed to knock his socks off.

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Baseball Game

Take one for the team and buy tickets to see your man’s favorite team. Even if baseball isn’t your favorite sport, you will probably have fun hanging out in the bleachers with your guy. Who knows? You might even enjoy the game too once you see it played in person. It would be a great way to share a common interest.


NFL Hall of Fame

Every football fan dreams of a visit to the NFL Hall of Fame in Ohio. If you want to really knock his socks off, buy tickets and plan a weekend getaway to explore all of the memorabilia. This is a thoughtful option that he won’t soon forget.


Drag Race

Spend a Saturday at the drag strip, placing friendly wagers on your favorite cars and cheering on the best set of wheels. You can work on your tan while your man has a blast watching fast cars. The drag strip is much more exciting than a traditional race track too.


Go Cart Track

Get in on the racing action and ignite some friendly competition with a day of go cart racing. Try the Nascar Speed park or another local race track that provides a daily admission pass.


Batting Cages

Another fun activity is hanging out in the batting cages. See who can get the most hits and let the loser buy dinner at your favorite sports café. Your guy will love the action of the batting cages and you’ll enjoy seeing him swing at each pitch.


Paintball Wars

Try visiting a place that offers paintball wars. You can compete to see who is the paintball master and even invite a few other couples to get in on the action. This is always a fun activity and it can definitely spice up a bland weekend.



Spend a few hours getting rid of spare change in the local arcade. There is something fun about playing old games and winning tickets towards little prizes. You’ll feel like a kid again after a night in the arcade.

Choose any of these 7 places for a date he cannot say no to. Guys love anything related to sports, cars, or games so each of these ideas would be a definite win! Get creative and find some new ways to spend time together. Your relationship will be stronger than ever and you might even uncover a new interest or hobby you can share. What is your favorite way to spend time with your man?

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Hi there. I need some serious help with this guy. Alright. So ive been crushing on him for around two years now, but on and off. I love him. He, eh, in my heart, i think he likes me too. But if so, he has never told anyone. He looks at me sometimes, And i look back. He loves teasing me, and we act like best friends. But only on the 35% of the time he even notices me. We are competetive with each other at almost everything. I really need some help with this one. Thakyou so much.

I like this boy in most my classes he is the popular boy. in science he puts is arms round me as a joke and sings. Then he flirts a bit, I've liked him for a bit now and he is my friend but we are (luckily) not in the friend zone. We don't hang out, out of school but we joke and smile at each other. What should do to get him to like me more? maybe even ask me out?

Hi! Please help, I can't tell if this guy likes me. He gives me special attention and tells me things to "keep between us" such as when we video chatted, he danced. We are in the same college program (24credit hours) and I carpool him right now as he saves for a nice car. I have felt a connection with him because we laugh and what I think is flirt lol and he's even said I was pretty on the first day I didn’t wear makeup and was in sweats. He said I was pretty all bundled up and then called me cute when I was wearing my nerdy glasses. He was the only person (including myself, because I forgot too) to remember my birthday! I know he's shy and that’s why I feel a connection also, because he seems guarded but more free and relaxed with me while still being the "gentlemen" and walks me to my car, closes the door, and even makes me feel better by comforting me when he saw I was upset. I finally decided to try asking him out, last night when he texted me teasingly-asking me if I was asleep yet or if I made it up that late (he always teases me for falling asleep early, while I tease him for sleeping in) well anyway, I asked him if he wanted to go bowling with me and he said yes which is a big deal to me because a) I asked him and it wasn’t a "no" and b) he likes to stay home and just study and fix computers. Again, he just truly stays by himself. So, now I am nervous and I feel like this is a make or break if he likes me, how do I know if this is a "date" or just "hanging out"? I know he's single and doesn’t want a gf until he can devote more time to her (when this program is over) because he wants to "treat her the best he can by paying for everything and texting her when she wants to talk" as he said once during a conversation we had. I have pretty much read everything I could find on here about flirting, smiling, conversation dos and don’ts and I just want to know if you have any advice for my particular situation??? Thank You!

Hiii! I really need help...there's this guy I like, our personalities are very similar. he is simple, quiet, kinda geeky, just like me! The problem though is that, I'm the outgoing one, while he isn't so much. So I'm usually the first to talk and he just follows along..? I can't find the right words...anyways! When we talk, I start off saying something very random like; "pssst! Heeey..is my bag heavy?" *and lends it to HIM* or "wow..ur wearing a jacket! That's the first time I saw u wear one 0.0!" so yea...I get very random in a lot of cases, just like this one...I'm also a funny gal so he sometimes laughs at my jokes (I say sometimes because, although he wants to laugh, he holds it in that's probably why he turns pink..) so ok back to the problem...I only get to talk to him after one class or through text after school..and I can't find any time to spend with him other than the two I've mentioned...I don't want to sound too clingy but it's just that I only talk to him for like, what? 5 minutes in person and like...1 hour through text? With stoppings... So more like 23 minutes...I don't really hangout with him, cause I don't know how.. :( pls help? -Sami-

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