7 Places for a Date He Cannot Say No to ...

Amber Benge

7 Places for a Date He Cannot Say No to ...

Are you tired of the same old boring dates? If dinner and a movie is no longer a fun routine, it’s time to spice things up with something new. Here are some ideas that your man will enjoy. In fact, these are 7 places for a date he cannot say no to. Give one of them a try this weekend and it’s guaranteed to knock his socks off.

1 Baseball Game

Take one for the team and buy tickets to see your man’s favorite team. Even if baseball isn’t your favorite sport, you will probably have fun hanging out in the bleachers with your guy. Who knows? You might even enjoy the game too once you see it played in person. It would be a great way to share a common interest.

2 NFL Hall of Fame

Every football fan dreams of a visit to the NFL Hall of Fame in Ohio. If you want to really knock his socks off, buy tickets and plan a weekend getaway to explore all of the memorabilia. This is a thoughtful option that he won’t soon forget.

3 Drag Race

Spend a Saturday at the drag strip, placing friendly wagers on your favorite cars and cheering on the best set of wheels. You can work on your tan while your man has a blast watching fast cars. The drag strip is much more exciting than a traditional race track too.

4 Go Cart Track

Get in on the racing action and ignite some friendly competition with a day of go cart racing. Try the Nascar Speed park or another local race track that provides a daily admission pass.

5 Batting Cages

Another fun activity is hanging out in the batting cages. See who can get the most hits and let the loser buy dinner at your favorite sports café. Your guy will love the action of the batting cages and you’ll enjoy seeing him swing at each pitch.

6 Paintball Wars

Try visiting a place that offers paintball wars. You can compete to see who is the paintball master and even invite a few other couples to get in on the action. This is always a fun activity and it can definitely spice up a bland weekend.

7 Arcade

Spend a few hours getting rid of spare change in the local arcade. There is something fun about playing old games and winning tickets towards little prizes. You’ll feel like a kid again after a night in the arcade.

Choose any of these 7 places for a date he cannot say no to. Guys love anything related to sports, cars, or games so each of these ideas would be a definite win! Get creative and find some new ways to spend time together. Your relationship will be stronger than ever and you might even uncover a new interest or hobby you can share. What is your favorite way to spend time with your man?