7 Best Ideas for a Teen Date ...


7 Best Ideas for a Teen Date ...
7 Best Ideas for a Teen Date ...

Have you ever been stumped on what you should do for your next date with your boyfriend? Sometimes it can be difficult coming up with creative ideas of fun things to do. Even if you have plenty of ideas for dates, it's still nice to read other peoples ideas of perfect or super fun date ideas for inspiration! Here are my 7 best ideas for a teen date!

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How long has it been since you took a spin...er- roll at bowling? It's been quite a while since I've been myself, but I do enjoy going when I get the chance! Even if you only end up with gutter balls, you'll still have a good time! It's a great way to burn a few extra calories while you're at it! And did you know that most bowling alleys serve delish cheeseburgers and root beer floats? So much for burning a few extra calories!


Bike Riding

Pull out your bike and grease those spokes! It's time to go for a lovely bike ride down a scenic country road. If you don't own a bike you can rent or borrow one. Pack a picnic with some hot chocolate and stop to enjoy some time with just the two of you. Great opportunity to sneak in some extra snuggle time!


Bon Appetit

A typical date would consist of dinner, possibly at a nice restaurant or a fast food pace. Here's an unusual twist- Cook it yourselves! That's right, go all out and put together a fabulous meal, cook it and then eat it together! Some ideas for a cool dinner would be a huge breakfast, Italian subs, Soup and salad, or steaks and shakes. After you decide what you're going to make, decide where you want to eat it. A candle-light meal is fun, but if you want to spice up the location, pitch a "tent" made out of blankets in your living room and have a camp-out meal. Or eat out on a back patio or a front porch! The possibilities are endless. Have fun and be creative!


Go Cookie Crazy

This is a really cool idea! Go around to your neighbors house and collect ingredients to make cookies. Then head back to your house and bake them! The guys may not enjoy the baking part, but I guarantee they will like the eating part! After you've enjoyed a few cookies yourself, go back and share some with all of your neighbors who contributed ingredients. This will be fun for everyone involved!


Ice Skate

Ice skating may be a rather typical date, but it never gets old and it's the perfect time of year to do it! Jack frost may be nipping at your nose but you will feel all warm and cozy with your sweetheart by your side! Get courageous and dare to skate backwards, twirl and jump on the ice with each other. After you've skated your fill, head for some hot chocolate and cookies to end a great date together. I guarantee you'll have so much fun you will definitely want to do it again before winter is over!


Santa's Workshop

Christmas is just around the corner! Create your own little corner to wrap gifts in together. Wrap gifts for your family members and each other, and when you're finished you can volunteer to help our mothers out by wrapping gifts that they haven't gotten around to yet! Have contest to se who can wrap the fastest, the slowest, the prettiest, the most creative, ect. You'll be a big help and you will have a lot of fun doing it! Another "santa" idea is to put up outdoor lights together. If you've never done it before, be prepared for a challenge!


Go Grocery Shopping

This may sound a little strange to you, but it can actually be a lot of fun! Plus it's a super big help to your mom if you do it for her. Divide the list up and see who can find all their items first. Try and do it without running into each other in the aisles! Or you can do it all together and see who can spot the item first on the shelf! The point is to have fun- and of course, make sure you get everything on the list!


Video Arcade

Grab that jar of quarters you've been saving up and head to the local video arcade in your mall! Hello 1980's style! Prepare yourself for major fun. Girls, even if you're a big girly-girl, you will probably find at least one arcade game that you enjoy. Try to beat each others scores! Go out for pizza and ice cream afterwards. It may not be one of your favorite date night activities, but at least you tried it! And if you love it, well then do it again!

Teen dating should be fun and lighthearted. Don't settle into a rut! Try new things, be creative and experimental. I hope you got some great ideas from my list. Which idea is your top pick?

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Personally I prefer buying a DVD and not watching it. Or rolling a joint and watching the stars together. But I've gotta say, 'Going Grocery Shopping' tops them all!

I love bowling... I'm not actually good but it's just so entertaining!

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