8 Quirky First Date Ideas ...


8 Quirky First Date Ideas ...
8 Quirky First Date Ideas ...

Girls, aren’t you tired of just ‘dinner and a movie?’ The first date is so important and a bad one can really ruin a promising relationship. Instead of killing that potential spark with a terrible film and lots of awkward silences, plan an easy-going rendezvous for you and your prospective man, and make it one that gives the two of a real chance to connect. Here’s a list of fun alternative ideas that promise to make that first meeting memorable …

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Have a Picnic

To me, the first date is about getting to know someone, and girls, I just don’t think that can happen if you spend all evening sitting in silence, watching a movie. A picnic makes for a great, relaxed afternoon and one where you and your new man can do lots of talking. Pick a beautiful spot and pack a basket of tasty snacks: trust me ladies’, it’ll be heavenly!


Go for Coffee

Okay, so this one is kind of old-fashioned, but coffees and cakes in a gorgeous little café can really make for the perfect first date More casual than dinner, but still intimate enough, this scenario gives you plenty of opportunity to stare into his eyes over the chocolate croissants but at the same time encourages a laid back, chatty atmosphere ideal for new couples.


Walk Your Dogs

If you’re both dog lovers this is a fun way to connect. Pick a lovely, friendly park and meet on a warm evening after work to avoid that Sunday-morning-married-couple vibe.


Wine Tasting

Find a fabulous wine farm in your area – go for a big, commercial one over small connoisseur’s establishments – and spend time sampling some delicious wines. Afterwards, grab some lunch and debrief: you’ll find your morning’s activity will give you plenty to talk about.


Cooking Class

I know this sounds a little strange but, trust me ladies, it’s a great ice breaker. Find a class where you work in pairs – most operate like this – and get to know each other over the mixing bowl!


Ride Bikes

Often, first dates go better when there’s an activity involved, and a leisurely cycle along the banks of a scenic river or round a cute little village in your area is ideal. Don’t pick a hectic down hill track, or route that takes you for miles; instead, ride to a country bistro for snacks and back.


Amusement Park

Rediscover your inner kid! A trip to the amusement park makes for a fun first date. Bond with your new guy over adrenaline-fueled roller-coaster rides and cuddle up close on the ghost train!


Anyone for Tennis?

Book a court at your gym and battle it out against your new man. Don’t get competitive though girls; this match is strictly for fun! Grab drinks afterwards and chat about the game.

Got any great ideas girls? Or do you have a real-life dating story to share? Drop us a line; we’d love to hear from you …

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