7 Inspiring Romantic Date Ideas ...

By Talynn

7 Inspiring Romantic Date Ideas ...

Does anyone remember that song, "The Things We do For Love?" What is it about love that drives a person to the point of insanity? We do some crazy things for the one we love, don’t we ladies? I hope you are looking for a few more off the cuff ideas to inspire your romantic side, because here they are!

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Rent a Carriage

How about a horse drawn carriage? How fun! Who knows, it just might be the best date you have ever been on!


Rent a Limo

You don’t need to be on your way to prom or your wedding to rent a limo! Dress up fancy and go eat dinner. Your final destination? The Hilton, perhaps?


Rent a Vintage Car

Rent a Vintage Car Photo Credit: Víctor Almendra

Yes, vintage cars are available to rent, or maybe you have a friend who trusts you enough to borrow his. Either way, you will have a wonderful night. Why not go parking? Hey! It’s a beautiful night to star gaze, right?


Rent a Motorcycle

This may be an experience for some, just like it was for me. I had only been on a couple of dates with my boyfriend (now husband) when he showed up on a motorcycle. He pulled out of the driveway on a wheelie! He took me for the ride of my life. We are still riding wheelies together!


Rent Horses for the Day

Rent Horses for the Day Photo Credit: arny johanns

Do you live somewhere close to a beach that allows horses? It would be terribly romantic to stroll along the sand, waves crashing at your feet. No beach? That’s quite all right. We rode a neighbor’s horse for the afternoon. It was still romantic. We needed massages after our adventure, which simply led to another adventure!

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Rent a Bicycle Built for Two

This method of transportation may seem a bit old fashioned, so expect some good old-fashioned fun! Go for a stroll in the park and have a picnic while you are there. Great exercise, good food, and fantastic company.


Rent a Rowboat

Just picture yourself, out in the middle of the lake, peaceful, romantic and watching a gorgeous sunset… and suddenly, you have to go to the bathroom.. Seriously! This idea is ultimately romantic!

Have you been on a date that involved a unique mode of transportation? Tell me about it!

Top Photo Credit: mark_sebastian

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These are absolutely horrible suggestions.

Well I think these suggestions are fabulous! I would have never thought about renting a vintage car.....and these are just a few ideas, obviously there are lots more you could think of, but these are all toally original, most people write things like, go on a picnic, go to a bed and breakfast or go for a walk....yes all fun but kind off common knowledge. Thanks for the inspiring ideas!!!

So all romantic dates involve sitting in something that you rent?