10 Most Romantic Date Ideas ...


10 Most Romantic Date Ideas ...
10 Most Romantic Date Ideas ...

Candle Lit Dinner

Nothing is more romantic than a quite dinner surrounded my candle light. Another bonus the soft lighting well make you look even more beautiful than you already are.

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Revisit Your First Date

Try to re do everything you did the first time you went out. Sharing old memories is always romantic.


Watch a Meteor Shower

Lay out on a blanket to watch the stars fall, don’t forget to make a wish.


Dance under the Moon

Take it a step further and create a mixed CD with your favorite love songs. Play it outside while you slow dance under the moon.


Schedule a Couple’s Massage

There is something very sensual about a massage. You can also opt for staying at home to massage one another. Btw, you can start with hand massage first ;)


Rent a Room with a Hot Tub

You can set the mood by placing candles around the tub and playing soft music. Rose petals would also add a nice touch.


Plan a Weekend Getaway

Spend the weekend at the beach holding hands and kissing as you watch the sunset. If you are a bit more fast paced, what about heading to a major city for the weekend. Try to have dinner at the top of one the tallest buildings to enjoy the sky line. Anything you do, make sure you take the weather conditions into account and you're bound to <a title="8 Great Summer Date Ideas…" href="https://allwomenstalk.com/8-great-summer-date-ideas/">have a great date.


Go to a Poetry Reading

Try to share some of your own work. Write something heart felt and full of your deepest emotion and read to your love.


Go Horse Back Riding

Take a ride through the country side. You can even bring along a picninc lunch to enjoy.


Play in the Pouring Rain

During the next rain shower head out side to splash around in the puddles in get all wet. Have fun playing like a kid, while you splash around. Afterwards you can dry each other off and warm up.


Your Idea ... add It Now

Sure for some of us it is quite difficult to figure out how to be romantic, but with these date ideas, i'm sure you will be able to pull off a <a title="8 Romantic Date Ideas …" href="https://allwomenstalk.com/8-romantic-date-ideas/">great romantic date without feeling out of your comfort zone.

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For you fellas out there reading this pay attention!!! Now this might take some time for you to put this together but be patient!! THIS IS FOR A SURPRISE ONLY!! DO NOT BE AT THE HOUSE OR WHERE EVER YOU PLAN ON DOING IT!! MEET UP WITH HER AT THE LAST STEP!!(THIS IS ONLY FOR REAL MEN WITH PATIENCE AND REAL LOVE!!) Step 1: Get her favorite flowers, and a card. Now inside that card write how much you love her. But write another place for her to go. Maybe in the house? Or sumwhere she could drive to? But not to far! Now at this place you have sent her to, have another gift waiting for her explaining why shes there? Step 2: Now she has recieved the next gift. Have her favorite candy waiting, and another card telling her something that she thought you have forgotten(maybe she told you a long time ago? and thought you forgot it? and it means alot to her) and send her to one last place. Step 3: She recieves the next gift. Buy her something brand new. Maybe something shes been wanting for awhile now? and have another card waiting telling her that you love her and without her your lost. (you can never tell a women that you love her too much!!) Now tell her to call you. Now once she call's you jus let her talk about it, and just pretend you dont know what shes talking about? play around with her just for a lil' bit? Step 4: Now after you get off the phone with her go home and meet her or if you want her to meet you somewhere thats fine. (But my opinion is to go home) and then she'll thank you. And so on and so forth. I DO NOT GUARANTEE SEX! SO DONT BE LOOKING FOR IT! THIS IS JUS TO MAKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND, WIFE OR WHOM EVER HAPPY!!

i like help's idea btw if you just bought a tub of ice cream you can set the mmod with candles as you guys eat(not for bisexual realationships)

A romantic massage can be nice date idea too... But we all know where that's leading!

go to an ice cream parlor or a dessert place and share a bowl of ice cream

Grab your favorite junk foods and head for the pool. Wear your sexiest bikini or if you're feeling confident and comfortable around your hot date, sinny dipping is always daring and sexy but can be very romantic!

Go to the carnival or a fair at night! or even an arcade!

Enjoy the atmosphere at the Christmas market with people in the town.

wow this can be really hard trying to make a guy like you, and they don't even notice you.......................... its that sad

nice idea my friend but i am too lazy to do that.

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