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10 Most Romantic Date Ideas ...

By Melissa

1 Candle Lit Dinner

Nothing is more romantic than a quite dinner surrounded my candle light. Another bonus the soft lighting well make you look even more beautiful than you already are.

2 Revisit Your First Date

Try to re do everything you did the first time you went out. Sharing old memories is always romantic.

3 Watch a Meteor Shower

Lay out on a blanket to watch the stars fall, don’t forget to make a wish.

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4 Dance under the Moon

Take it a step further and create a mixed CD with your favorite love songs. Play it outside while you slow dance under the moon.

5 Schedule a Couple’s Massage

There is something very sensual about a massage. You can also opt for staying at home to massage one another. Btw, you can start with hand massage first ;)

6 Rent a Room with a Hot Tub

You can set the mood by placing candles around the tub and playing soft music. Rose petals would also add a nice touch.

7 Plan a Weekend Getaway

Spend the weekend at the beach holding hands and kissing as you watch the sunset. If you are a bit more fast paced, what about heading to a major city for the weekend. Try to have dinner at the top of one the tallest buildings to enjoy the sky line. Anything you do, make sure you take the weather conditions into account and you're bound to <a title="8 Great Summer Date Ideas…" href="">have a great date.

8 Go to a Poetry Reading

Try to share some of your own work. Write something heart felt and full of your deepest emotion and read to your love.

9 Go Horse Back Riding

Take a ride through the country side. You can even bring along a picninc lunch to enjoy.

10 Play in the Pouring Rain

During the next rain shower head out side to splash around in the puddles in get all wet. Have fun playing like a kid, while you splash around. Afterwards you can dry each other off and warm up.

11 Your Idea ... add It Now

Sure for some of us it is quite difficult to figure out how to be romantic, but with these date ideas, i'm sure you will be able to pull off a <a title="8 Romantic Date Ideas …" href="">great romantic date without feeling out of your comfort zone.

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