10 Inexpensive Yet Incredible Date Ideas ...


Dates are great, but let’s be honest, dates can also get a bit pricey. Even a simple dinner and a movie can add up. Don’t worry there are many ways to have a great time and save a buck.
Date Idea #1.
Chances are the city you live in has many great landmarks and attractions that you aren’t even aware of. Check your city’s website and make a list of cool places to check out. Grab a camera and a date and play tourist in your own town. Price: Nothing, unless you decide to print some of the pictures you get.
Date Idea #2.
If its a spring/summer date that you're planning, just grab a blanket and a bottle of wine and head to the back yard. Enjoy drinks while you star gaze. Plan ahead by researching constellations and the stories behind to have something to share. Price: Only the cost of the wine.
Date Idea #3.
Why not pick your own strawberries before dipping them in chocolate to share with your love? Not ready for strawberries, try apples. Pickyourown.org has a list of farms all over the US. Many of them offer the options to come out and pick your own fruit and veggies** **for half the price you would find at your local grocery store. Price: Varies, but should not go over $10
Date Idea #4.
Paint your own pottery is a great way to get creative on a date and break the bank. www.paintyourownpottery.net You go into a shop and pick out a pre-made ceramic piece to paint. When you finish painting you leave the work behind for the shop to fire. Your work of art should be ready in less than a week and just in time for your next date. Price: Most pieces start around $5.
Date Idea #5.
Another cheap great idea is to skip dinner and go straight for the desert. Split something rich and delicious at your favorite restaurant or stop in at the local ice cream shop. Price: Less than $10
Date Idea #6.
Many museums have “Free Days” or other discounts. Check with museums in your area to see what specials are going on. Price: Nada
Date Idea #7.
Everyone loves a good Scavenger Hunt. They aren’t just for kids at a birthday party. Feel free to make your own list and make it as risqué or innocent as you wish. Not up for making your own list, check out these suggestions.
Date Idea #8.
Going to the movie theater can add up, but renting movies to watch at home** **isn’t so bad. However, if you wanted to save even more money you can get many movies from your local library for free. Price: free - $5
Date Idea #9.
Dust off your old board games are start up the game console. A little friendly competition is perfect for date. Price: $0
Date Idea #10.
Have you checked out the local music scene** **in your area? Many local bands play at bars for little to no cover. Dance and enjoy the music and still have a little money left over for a drink or two. Price: Depends on what you decide to spend on drinks.

Dating isn’t about money. It’s about two people getting to know each other and making memories. If you have any great date ideas please share.

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I love to go to the zoo on a date. There is plenty to talk about as you move from one display to the next, and plenty of opportunity to get to know each other and talk sans the noisy bar. Some zoos also offer live music on some evenings during the summer months. This is a great way to surprise a first date, as well, and make a great first impression.

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