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Anniversariesare a special time of the year when couples celebrate their marriage. Some people might decide to renew their vows or buy each other a loving card. I’ve listed 7 ideas for an Anniversary celebration that either came to mind as I was writing or that my husband and I have actually done. The simple joy of being together for another year is a fantastic gift for many couples, but it’s always fun to have some type of festivity as well!

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Go Shopping Together

Go Shopping Together Photo Credit: Salva del Saz (very busy)

For many couples, it’s hard to get together to go shopping. Busy schedules tend to keep most couples doing their own thing during the day and then spending some time together in the evening. Sometimes it’s fun to take the day off and go shopping together. You don’t even have to buy anything. Window-shopping is loads of fun, when you have someone to ooh and ahh with over items that you’d love to have for the house. My husband and I ended up in the light fixture section at a major building supply store one year. We knew we couldn’t afford to buy anything new, but it was still fun to look at everything and visualize different ideas for what we could do to the house some day.


Have a Romantic Dinner

Have a Romantic Dinner Photo Credit: Bob.Fornal

I know, this might be a bit over-done, but many couples never getto actually relaxand have a meal out on the town with only each other. I’m not talking about heading to the local fast food restaurant and ordering greasy fries to eat in the car as you chat. That’s not romantic. I’m referring to going to an actual sit-down restaurant with nice lighting and a menu you can hold in your hands. Try something fun, such as Sushi bar or Japanese Steakhouse where they cook the stuff right in front of you. I think unique restaurants make the moment that much more memorable.


Go out for Putt-Putt Golf

Go out for Putt-Putt Golf Photo Credit: gkhorticulture

Where I live, it’s hard to find a good place to play putt-putt. Many people associate this game with having kids, since families are often seen hanging out and playing miniature golf together. This can be an excellent game for couples too. I like it best in the evening, that’s when the waterfalls are all lit up and the colorful lighting shines on each obstacle. There’s no hurry with this game and it’s a great atmosphere to chat, laugh, and have a relaxed anniversary.


Do Something You Both Enjoy

Do Something You Both Enjoy Photo Credit: Pixel Noir

An anniversary is a time of year when you should be able to spend the day together and do something that pleases both of you. Many couples have similar interests, but aren’t able to find the time to pursue these interests. For instance, my husband and I love looking in antique stores and at all the goods in old flea markets. We don’t have the time to do this on a regular basis, but we definitely dedicate at least a portion of our anniversary day to hitting a few of our favorite spots.


Take a Road Trip

Take a Road Trip Photo Credit: ArtByChrysti

I know that not all couples travel well together, but if you do, then try taking an anniversary road trip. You can either grab a map and go for it or take some unknown roads to see where you end up. My husband and I have done both, but the latter seems to take us to more exciting areas that we probably never would have found with a map. Sometimes we hear about a unique area from friends and store this information away for a special day.

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Watch a Movie at the Cinema

Watch a Movie at the Cinema Photo Credit: Hulya in Portland

With the internet being a part of so many people’s lives, watching a moviein an actual theater doesn’t seem to happen as often as it used to. My husband and I are usually nestled in bed when we watch a movie online. We did go to see a movie in the theater during our last anniversary and I had forgotten how much fun it is to watch something on the big screen. Of course the large tub of popcorn is always a huge bonus as well.


Do Something Unexpected

Do Something Unexpected Photo Credit: Bahman Farzad

Sometimes those spur-of-the-moment ideas can be the most fun. Maybe you’re out driving and you see a store that you didn’t notice before or decide to follow the garage sale signs down an unknown road. You might be reading the newspaper and notice that there’s a special exhibit showing in the next town over on the same day as your anniversary. Planning a special moment can be exciting as well, but even more so when it is something you don’t normally do.

Hopefully my 7 ideas for an Anniversary celebration have sparked some thoughts in you. What is your fondest Anniversary memory? Is there a tradition that you and your spouse perform every Anniversary? I’d love to hear some of the creative ideas people have come up with.

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Why is the Lord of the Rings ring the main image for this article?

Ride - is a best way from above said You will take a weekend, visit some near your city places Have a picnic Stay in a motel somewhere on the way Its already romantic :)

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