10 Fun Things to do at Home in Winter!

With winter coming, how can a girl have some fun without stepping out into the cold streets? Well, looks like there are quite a few options, ladies!

So, if you don’t feel like running in your lace tights in 32′F you can still have a lot of fun in the comfort of your own home in winter!

Check out these 1****0 Fun Things to Do in Winter at Home ideas and see which ones will be best for you!

1. Watch Romantic Movies

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I don't know a single girl who does not like romantic movies. So, why not to make it a Romantic Movie Night? All you need to do is:

• Order or download a couple of great romantic movies you haven’t seen in a while or ever
• Call up your girlfriends and ask them over
• Stock on the delicious Backed Lays and my all time favorite Smart Food Popcorn Clusters (I just looove Honey Multigrain), these two snacks will make those romantic flicks so much yummier and sweeter without adding too many calories or cholesterol or trans fats…
• Get a box of napkins (for the sad scenes)

And you'll be all set for the best night in with your girlfriend!

Don't know which movies to pick? Check out this list of 50 Most Romantic Movies for the ultimate romantic movie night!

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