7 Winter Activities to Fight Your Kid's Cabin Fever ...

When the fun of the snow and the relief from the heat is over, and the kids are catching that cabin fever we all dread worse than the flu, pull out these ideas to bring a little life to your day!

1. Ice Fishing

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Photo Credit: Pierre Contant
Supplies: Blue sheet or cardboard painted blue Dowel sticks String Clothes pins
Hang sheet or cardboard from ceiling. Construct fishing pole by tying one end of the string to the dowel and tying the other end of the string around the clothespin. You may want to glue gun them in place so they don't slide off.

How To Play: A parent stands behind the sheet/cardboard with a basket full of little goodies/gifts to attach to the clothespins. Kids cast their fishing lines over the "ice" and know that they've caught something when they feel a tug on their line.

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