7 Tips on Preventing the Common Cold ...

ACHOO! Sniff sniff. COUGH. Snuffle. UGH! Cold season is here again. Colds are nasty and no fun to deal with, especially with school and work and other things we have going on in our life. It's just one more thing to be stressed and bothered about. There are a few ways to avoid them however, and some of them are so simple and easy you will be doing them as part of your routine in no time flat! Here are my 7 tips to prevent the common cold.

1. Wash Your Hands

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We are all warned and cautioned and reminded to wash our hands, but how many of us do it? It's a no brainer- and it slashes coughs and colds we catch per year by half! That's a lot! So wash up thoroughly with soap and warm water after sing the toilet, before eating or touching your face, after touching money, doorknobs, TV remotes, telephones or other people, and after leaving a public place.

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