7 Tips on Preventing the Common Cold ...


7 Tips on Preventing the Common Cold ...
7 Tips on Preventing the Common Cold ...

ACHOO! Sniff sniff. COUGH. Snuffle. UGH! Cold season is here again. Colds are nasty and no fun to deal with, especially with school and work and other things we have going on in our life. It's just one more thing to be stressed and bothered about. There are a few ways to avoid them however, and some of them are so simple and easy you will be doing them as part of your routine in no time flat! Here are my 7 tips to prevent the common cold.

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Wash Your Hands

We are all warned and cautioned and reminded to wash our hands, but how many of us do it? It's a no brainer- and it slashes coughs and colds we catch per year by half! That's a lot! So wash up thoroughly with soap and warm water after sing the toilet, before eating or touching your face, after touching money, doorknobs, TV remotes, telephones or other people, and after leaving a public place.


Use Hand Sanitizer

Use Hand Sanitizer Photo Credit: kmac23

There are times when it's not convenient or practical to wash your hands. You can't be running off to the bathroom every 5 minutes if you work a job where you handle money or touch a lot of people such as a cashier or a daycare teacher would. So carry a small bottle a germ x with you and use it faithfully. It pays off! A good tip is to get the kind with moisturizing beads in it so that your constant use of it doesn't dry your hands.


Take Vitamin C Daily

Vitamin C is a great preventer of colds. And if you already have one, it helps to remedy it. So take your vitamins and drink your orange juice daily! You will feel much more energized and your skin will have a lovely glow. You can get chewable flavored vitamin C capsules that are easy to take and have a great flavor to them!


Avoid Stress

Avoid Stress Photo Credit: Eduard Titov

Stress doesn't actually cause sickness, but when you are stressed out and overloaded, your immune system becomes weak and it's easier for that flu bug to get to you. So try to stay calm and relaxed and don't take on more than you can handle. Don't bother yourself with unnecessary worries. Get plenty of sleep so you feel rested and ready to tackle each day with vigor!


Toss Used Tissues Right Away

Toss Used Tissues Right Away Photo Credit: colophon design

This may come as surprise to many of you. Used tissues are the number one breeding ground for bacteria. A cold or flu germ can live on a tissue for up to 5 days if it's left sitting stuffed in a pocket or a bag. So toss your tissues right after you use them and keep cold viruses out of your way! Use tissues with lotion in them to keep your nose from being rubbed raw.


Don't Cover Your Mouth with Your Hand

When you sneeze or cough, use the crook of your arm instead of your hand. This prevents the spread of germs from your hand to other people or surfaces that you touch or grab afterwards. If you absolutely must use your hands, be sure and sanitize or wash them quickly after. Others will thank you for doing your part to prevent the spread of colds!


Sanatize Commonly Used Surfaces

Sanatize Commonly Used Surfaces Photo Credit: rosefirerising

In order to prevent and cut down on the spread of cold and flu germs, sanitize surfaces that are most used by you and other people. Hot spots include doorknobs, radio dials, telephones, computer keyboards, TV remotes, steering wheels, light switches, pens, faucets, bathroom counters, and toilet handles. It's a good idea to carry alcohol wipes with you and sanitize any of these items if you must touch or use them in a public place, especially during cold season.

Now that you have these great tips on preventing common colds, all of your friends will be jealous that they are walking around all stuffy nosed and you are as healthy and happy as a lark. Or you could be a dear and print off this list and pass it around to all your friends and co-workers. Did you learn something you didn't know about preventing the common cold? Or do you have any other cold-prevention tips to share?

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Recent research says it's vit. D we need, not C.

This was very helpful, but this information needs to be spread more than the viruses. ;) More people need to hear this since they continue to cough and sneeze without regards for others around them. I find alot of the handsanitizers to be sooo drying, but found that the E Burnham has a moisturizer build into it which is nice and encourages usage.

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