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7 Ways to Cope with Airplane Skin ...

By Aprille

What exactly is airplane skin? It's skin that's dry, itchy, and flaky from the incredibly dry air on the plane! It's not just uncomfortable and itchy, it's nasty-looking, too! But I can help. If you're traveling by plane soon, pay close attention to this list. Here are 7 ways to cope with airplane skin.

7 Facial Brushes

Facial BrushesPhoto Credit: Peanuts_Photography

There are a wide range of facial brushes that are portable and can easily be carried on the plane with you. These brushes can help to rub away any dried skin on your face and they also help if you want to rub any moisturiser into your face whilst on the plane.

6 Use a Lip Balm around Your Mouth

Often with dry skin your lips become very dry too. If this is the case then make sure that you moisturise your lips regularly with a good lip balm. In my opinion sleeping with lip balm on will make your lips even softer and moist because it does not rub off easily.


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5 Wear a Clear Hydrating Mask

This is particular useful on long flights where the air will dry out your skin fairly rapidly. The mask can be applied on flight and in case you are worried about people seeing you, once the lights are turned down no one will notice anyway. In my opinion it is worth receiving a few odd looks from people if it means keeping your skin refreshed.

4 Cover as Much Skin as Possible

Cover as Much Skin as PossiblePhoto Credit: knitting school dropout

One of the easiest ways of preventing airplane is to cover your skin whilst travelling. This may not be possible for your face therefore moisturiser is the best option, but the rest of you body can be covered and this will help to stop dry skin developing.

3 Try to Avoid Too Much Make up

Sometimes wearing too much make up can cause your skin to dry out, this often results in you applying more make up which makes your skin even more dry and the cycle continues. Therefore if you try not to wear too much make up then your skin should maintain its moisture. Also there are tinted moisturisers available on the market.

2 Make Sure That You Are Well Hydrated

The amount of water that you drink can affect your skin moisture. By making sure that you stay well hydrated you will be looking after your skin, this should help to prevent dry and flaky skin. Before entering the plane make sure that you have had plenty to drink and whilst onboard the plane, try to have regular drinks.

1 Use a Good Moisturiser

It is important to try out different moisturiser products until you find one that is suitable for your skin type. This will help to prevent dryness and flakiness of skin and should also make you skin appear and feel softer.

There you have 7 ways to cope with airplane skin. Some people with slightly oily skin are lucky to never have to suffer from this type of problem but for the rest of us it can be irritating. Hopefully these tips will help prevent your skin from drying out whilst on a plane. How do you keep moisturized on a plane? Please share!

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