7 Home Remedies for Nausea ...


7 Home Remedies for Nausea ...
7 Home Remedies for Nausea ...

There are several things that you can do at home for nausea without having to rely on pharmaceutical drugs. God gave us many natural herbs that are great for it - here are a few for you to try next time it hits! First and foremost, though, you do need to evaluate your situation and find out what is your source of nausea. Is it a migraine? Something you ate? Flu or other viral bug? Pregnancy? Determining this will help to better pick which remedy you should try.

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Ginger has been used for at least 2000 years, and is one of the top three investigated herbs ever. It is safe to take when pregnant, and is the top recommended herb for nausea of any kind. You can relieve nausea with ginger either by taking capsules, drinking ginger ale, or eating things with ginger in it. Ginger has a vast number of other uses such as relieving fever in children, helping with colds and flu’s, menstrual cramps and motion sickness!



Peppermint is most beneficial in a peppermint tea, or taken stronger with plain peppermint extract. Peppermint also helps with colds. This remedy may be a little strong or over powering, but it does work. You can also eat peppermint candy. Though not as potent, it works for minor cases of nausea.


Ground Cumin Seeds

Consuming a half-teaspoon of ground cumin seeds is said to relive nausea. This is also a little strong, but it is worth a try when nothing else seems to work.


Wheat Germ

It is said that pregnant women swear by this as a good cure for nausea - you can't argue with a pregnant woman! You can sprinkle this on cereal, ice cream, and vegetables. It will hardly be noticeable! Another possible way to eat this is mixed in with fruit smoothies.


Apple Cider Vinegar

If you can over the smell of it, Apple cider vinegar has many, many different uses. You can add a splash to your tea, or mix it with some water and honey.


Rice Water or Coconut Water

Both of these are said to be great for nausea as well. Just drink a small glass full of warm rice or coconut water. I know, it sounds a little bland, but it isn’t as hard to swallow as you might think.


Pressure Points

Sometimes, you don't have to take anything. Acupressure for nausea is another way to get quick results. Some pressure points to try are the webbing between the thumb and index finger, near your elbow joint on the bicep tendon, one hand width below your knee, inside of your wrist, and the spot between your collarbones. Simple press and wait for relief!

Nausea can be a terrible feeling, I know! But why suffer if there are natural, easy ways to remedy this? How do you treat your upset stomach?

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The pressue point one reminds me of an episode of Xena...lol

Cinnamon also helps.

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