7 Reasons to Use at Home Whitening Kits ...


7 Reasons to Use at Home Whitening Kits ...
7 Reasons to Use at Home Whitening Kits ...

I’ve used a couple of different teeth whitening kits over the years and they really do make a difference. It would probably help if I wasn’t such an avid coffee drinker too. I’m not willing to give up my coffee though! Read the reviews of a few different kinds before making your decision on which kit to choose. There are actually many advantages to whitening your own teeth. Here are 7 reasons to use at home whitening kits.

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They Are Excellent for Making Your Teeth Beautiful

Who doesn’t want whiter teeth? I can’t think of anyone who said they prefer to make their teeth as yellow as possible. I personally like my teeth to be bright and white. I’ve seen some bleach jobs that people have had done at the dentist and they actually make the teeth look very unnatural. I find the home kits create a nice shade of white that blends in nicely.


Whiter Teeth Give People a Reason to Smile More

I smile a lot more often when I know my teeth look nice. You know how you tend to hide your smile when you think there might be something stuck in your teeth? Well, I’m the same way when I know my teeth are a bit too yellow for my taste. This is usually when I purchase a home teeth whitening kit and boost my self-esteem!


There’s No Pressure in Trying to Make an Appointment with the Dentist

I don’t know about you, but trying to work in a doctor’s appointment of any kind is near to impossible. I can see needing to make arrangements to have a cavity fixed, but I’m not willing to give up my entire day to get my teeth lightened up when I can do it at home.


Home Whitening Kits Aren’t as Harsh on Your Teeth

Remember how I mentioned the unnatural look to some professional bleach jobs? Well, home whitening kits are a lot less harsh than the chemicals dentists use. You won’t have to worry about your teeth becoming so bleached that there are stark white patches and streaks on them. Most kits state that the whitening strips or paste should only be used for about a week. There might be a couple that take 14 days, but most are only a week in length.


You Can Use Them when It’s Most Convenient for You

I can use a home whitening kit whenever I want. There’s nothing that states I have to wear the strips or paint on the tooth coating at any specific time. If I want to sit here and type while I’m whitening my teeth, then I can. I like being able to use the kit when it’s easiest for me.


They Are Easy to Use

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to comprehend the instructions on a teeth whitening kit. Either you peel off the strips and stick them to your teeth or gently paint each tooth with the solution provided in the box. The strips are removed after the amount of time stated in the instructions and the paint-on solution is left alone. Easy.


You Can save Money

I’d much rather shell out the small amount of money needed to purchase a home whitening kit than pay the steep rates of a dentist. Sure a dentist will be able to whiten my teeth in one sitting, but what if I don’t like the way it looks? I will have dished out the big bucks only to be afraid to smile.

These 7 reasons to use at home whitening kits are my personal ones. I think they are a great invention for the thrifty minded and those with busy schedules who want whiter teeth. The best part is that they actually work. What has been your experience with a home whitening kit?

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Because Teeth whitening with the dentist is super expensive

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