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9 Fun Kits to Give or Keep ...

By Meream

The following are random and fun kits to give or keep. Some can be used in the kitchen while others will be perfect for the creative souls. Some are for survival while others are simply for whimsy.

1 Beer Making Kit

Beer Making Kit**Price: **$15.00 to $40.00 at uncommon goods

How fun would it be to brew your own beer? This is one of those fun kits to give or keep that I would rather keep, really. My boyfriend and I are not big beer-drinkers but we'd derive more fun from the brewing process than actually drinking the product. This kit includes 1 gallon glass fermenter, airlock, tubing, thermometer, tubing clamp, packet of sanitizer, stopper and blowoff attachment.

2 Sneaker Customization Kit

Sneaker Customization Kit**Price: **$45.00 at uncommon goods

Customized sneakers are quite trendy these days. You can hire an artist to use your sneakers as his or her canvas or you can buy this kit. Major components are a guide on sneaker customization, one paint brush, and 5 specially mixed paint (white, black, red, yellow, blue).

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3 Collision.Kit Organizer

Collision.Kit Organizer**Price: **$20.00 at uncommon goods

Well, this is not exactly a FUN fun kit to give or keep but it's extremely useful. This kit will come in handy in any car-related accident. Because you never know when those might happen. Included in the kit are a disposable camera, envelope for important documents, and a checklist to make your accident report more thorough.

4 Vintage Sewing Kit

Vintage Sewing Kit**Price: **$45.00 at uncommon goods

How beautiful is this kit? I know, I know, it's just a Mason jar with sewing tools but really, it makes a lovely home decor. Among these fun kits to give or keep, this one can be used for giving your room or study more personality.

5 City of Delights Cupcake Kit

City of Delights Cupcake Kit**Price: **$12.99 at modcloth

The perfect gift for someone who loves baking or Paris or fun doodles. This is one of the fun kits to give or keep listed here that will help in a current party theme problem. Buy at least 3 of this kit and you've got yourself a Paris-themed party!

6 I Will Survive Kit

I Will Survive Kit**Price: **$12.99 at modcloth

Ahh, breakups... They suck, don't they? But with this breakup recovery kit, you will find yourself on the fast track out of boo-hoo-land. This includes a remedy booklet, 5 affirmation cards, 5 healing bandages, a charm (Heart), a declarative bracelet, and a recovery certificate.

7 Watercolor Sketchbook Kit

Watercolor Sketchbook Kit**Price: **$24.95 at anthropologie

A perfect gift for my sister! Not that she needs the instruction book or a new sketchpad since she's already pretty good but this is still a great gift idea. I shall bookmark and visit again come Christmastime.

8 Dr. Hunter's Hand Care Kit

Dr. Hunter's Hand Care Kit**Price: **$35 at anthropologie

You know what I fear more than getting facial wrinkles or stretch marks? Having hands that look like they belong to a very old lady. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against old people (love them!) but having young-looking hands is a must in my life. And so you should buy me this kit. Pretty please?

9 Personal Library Book Sharing Kit

Personal Library Book Sharing Kit**Price: **$18 at shop plastic land

Argh! I wish I had this back in college! This would have saved me from headaches that resulted from trying to remember who borrowed my books.

I can't decide which of these fun kits to give or keep is my favorite. I'm torn between the hand care kit and the vintage sewing jar. Hmmm...

Tell me, which of these do ya fancy?

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