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8 Great Gifts for a Girl with Wanderlust ...

By Meream

Wanderlust, according to Wikipedia, is "a strong desire to travel." I have that. I bet many of you have wanderlust, too. In fact, I'm sure you have a good number of girl friends who suffer from this "strong desire." If one of them is having a birthday soon, we give you here great gifts for a girl with wanderlust. Disclaimer: you can give these to yourself, too.

1 Girl with a Master Plan Toiletry Bag

Girl with a Master Plan Toiletry BagPrice: $26.99 at modcloth

Sporting a map design and a bright orange trim, this toiletry bag will never be hard to find in your messy luggage. The best part is that you can hang it in your hotel bathroom. The clear compartments make getting ready for a sightseeing trip much faster.

2 Keep You Posted Wallet

Keep You Posted WalletPrice: $37.99 at modcloth

Not everything in this list of great gifts for a girl with wanderlust can be used for actual travel. Take this beautiful wallet, for instance. Even if your friend has no plans to travel soon, this can be used to carry around her cards, cash, and treasured train tickets from journeys past.


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3 No Time like the Present Gift Tags

No Time like the Present Gift TagsPrice: $16.99 at modcloth

One of these can be used as the gift tag for your present for your friend. But why not give her the whole set? If I were your friend, I'd be very happy to receive these. The vintage design is just darling!

4 N-Y-C You Back Soon Magnet Set

N-Y-C You Back Soon Magnet SetPrice: $20.99 at modcloth

Is your friend dreaming of going to NYC? If she doesn't have the budget just yet, you can give her this fantastic magnet gift set. Each magnet shows a popular New York tourist spot. These would surely inspire your friend to get serious with her wanderlust fund.

5 I Was Here Travel Journal

I Was Here Travel JournalPrice: $16.95 at anthropologie

This is not like your typical travel journal. This will encourage your friend to notice every little detail of her trip. If she is the type who loves to make lists of everything, this is one of the great gifts for a girl with wanderlust that will be well-received.

6 Travel Journal

Travel JournalPrice: $24.00 at anthropologie

Isn't the cover beautiful? I like notebook or journal covers with that vintage or recycled feel; this one IS recycled so it's doubly fun. This travel journal has a day-by-day itinerary and other pages for taking notes. The best part is that it has pockets for keeping your ticket stubs, receipts, and other important things.

7 C'est Magnifique Wallpaper

C'est Magnifique WallpaperPrice: $88 at anthropologie

Not only is this one of the great gifts for a girl with wanderlust, it will also be a perfect home addition to anyone who loves magic and fairy tales and all things Paris, London, or Venice. The sketches are just too adorable for words.

8 Parisian Chic: a Style Guide

Parisian Chic: a Style GuidePrice: $29.95 at anthropologie

If your friend happens to be a fashionista as well, this is the ideal gift for her. She will enjoy this book because it covers everything, from dressing up to home decor to beauty.

Among these great gifts for a girl with wanderlust, my favorite is the wallpaper. The Keep You Posted wallet plays a close second. How about you?

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