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The Holidays are around the corner and if you're still scratching your heads, looking for women's gifts for all those special women in your life, may we From handmade jewelry, bed and bath goodies, fashion accessories and more, pressies4princesses is your one stop gifting solution for women of all ages and for all occasions. Check out our pick for Top 7 Christmas Gifts for Women and you will no longer be looking for gifts for the women in your life!

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Oak Leaf Pewter Cuff

Oak Leaf Pewter Cuff Price: £36.95 at
Speaking of women's gifts, can you imagine how beautiful this handmade cuff bangle will look as it gently entwines around a woman's arm? Statement pieces are a huge trend right now and this Oak Leaf Pewter Cuff is as versatile as it is pretty and would make one heck of a Christmas present! I'm dreaming about it already...


Organic Facial Detox Mask Kit

Organic Facial Detox Mask Kit Price: £18.99 at
I cannot imagine a single woman who wouldn't love this Organic Facial Detox mask kit. It contains 100% natural French green clay which when mixed with water, banana, honey or yogurt not only gets rid of dirt, excess oil and toxins but leaves your skin refreshed and glowing, right in time for the Holidays.


Hearts and Kisses Chocolates

Hearts and Kisses Chocolates Price: £6.95 at
What's better than regular hearts and kisses? Hearts and kisses made of chocolate of course! This romantic women's gift with pure white chocolate hearts and naughty dark chocolate kisses are handmade, oh-so-delicious and definitely something that she'd treasure for a long time to come.


Dawn Mist Leaf Heart Pendant

Dawn Mist Leaf Heart Pendant Price: £47.50 at
Everyone knows that a heart is the eternal symbol of love and here's a heart with a delightful twist. Inspired by the intricate designs on a leaf, this elegant handmade heart pendant is breathtakingly beautiful and the perfect Christmas gift for the special woman in your life. Some of the best inspiration really comes from nature, doesn't it?


Nougat Please, Please Me

Nougat Please, Please Me Price: £35.99 at
When looking forwomen's gifts, remember that sometimes a woman just wants to be pampered. Maker her squeal with delight with this Nougat Please, Please Me indulgent massage kit complete with massage oils with exotic ingredients including white chocolate. Mmm. Remember giving her this is just half the deal, playing her personal masseur is the other exciting half.


A6 Sari Journal

A6 Sari Journal Price: £16.95 at
Nothing inspires creativity like a crisp, new blank page. If you know a woman who is a writer or a fan of stationery, this beautiful journal, handmade from vintage sari fabric would make quite an exquisite Christmas gift. Move aside boring notebooks and yellow notepads, the sari journal is here!


Friendship Tea

Friendship Tea Price: £4.95 at
There's nothing quite as therapeutic as a heart to heart chat with your best friends over a soothing cup of tea and we think the Friendship Tea would be perfect for those special times. Blended with marigold flowers and a sprinkling of hawthorn berries in an adorable packaging, this delicious tea would make a fantastic Christmas gift for all those special friends without whom life is incomplete.

We know that finding women's gifts can be quite a task but makes this task a tad easier with their abundant choices. You're sure to find an extraordinary Christmas gift for every woman in your life. They offer standard and next day delivery in the UK and Worldwide delivery as well. Do check them out now and I promise you won't be disappointed. Happy Holidays!

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