20 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women ...


20 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women ...
20 Best Inexpensive Gifts for Women ...

You no doubt have lots of ladies on your gift list this year so you're looking for inexpensive gift ideas for women that won't break the bank, but that will be treasured all year long. Luckily, it doesn't have to cost a lot to give everyone a lovely gift without going broke. There are so many ideas to choose from! Here are some of the best inexpensive gift ideas for women.

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Something to Wear - $21 - $30

black, black and white, monochrome photography, photography, snapshot, I love getting one-of-a-kind pieces for gifts. It really tells the person you’re buying them for that they’re special and unique! And it's not hard to find a good deal on handmade jewelry. It's definitely one of my favorite inexpensive gift ideas for women.

Tiny Name Necklace - $30.00
Dream Wrap Bracelet - $25.00
Recycled Vintage Mason Jar Drop Earrings - $21.00


Something to Drink - $10 - $45

stemware, drink, wine glass, event, red wine, Who doesn’t love a nice bottle of wine? And it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. Get to know the owner of your local wine shop really well. Not only will he be more than willing to give you suggestions, but you may end up bagging a deal or two.
Kendall Jackson Grand Reserve Merlot - $44.95
Gold Besties Stemless Wine Glasses - $9.99
Insulated Wine Purse - $14.99


Something to Read - $12 - $22

girl, human behavior, I read all the time, so I love getting a book as a gift! Plus, books are great because you can get a current bestselling paperback for under $20. Of course, make sure the person you’re planning to gift this to loves to read. Secondly, make an effort to find out what kind of books she enjoys and choose one that fits. If chick lit is her thing, I’d recommend anything by Jen Lancaster or, of course, the Fifty Shades of Grey series. You can also find some great ideas here:
Making Faces - $21.99
Women in Science - $11.55
To the Women I Once Loved- $11.12


Something for Her Health - $12 - $60

, A lot of my friends prefer practical gifts…things that they can actually put to use. I bet you have a couple of those friends yourself. So here’s one for the fitness freak you know: an easy to use pocket pedometer. Look for something that measures her steps, minutes, calorie consumption and the distance she's traveled.
Bluetooth Smart Wrist Watch Pedometer - $11.80
AGPtek Fitness Tracker - $12.11
Fitbit 2 Flex Fitness Wristband - $59.95


Something to Relax Her - $8 - $20

photograph, face, black and white, human hair color, beauty, In the past, getting high-quality bath products as a gift meant I had to spend at least $50. But, with all the brands on the market now, I can get a great set of bath salts, lotion, and body wash for less than $30! I pair them with a great loofah sponge or eye mask, and there you have it…a relaxing, thoughtful gift!
Philosophy Grace for the Holidays - $18.00
Baby Soft Foot Peel - $20.00
Shea Sugar Scrub - $8.00


Something for Her Coffee - $15 - $26

cartoon, product design, chocolate, cup, coffee cup, I know one too many coffee addicts (including myself) and I think this would make for an inexpensive gift for just about any girl on your list. She'll love drinking her hot coffee in a whole new way.
Nordstrom Coffee Espresso and House Blend - $25.90
Gourmet Coffee Gift Sampler - $24.00
12 Coffees of Christmas - $14.99


Something for Her Tea - $12 - $28

cup, coffee cup, cup, tea, still life photography, Who wouldn't love a vintage tea set? Or just some new flavor or tea to try? If you have a tea drinker on your list, it's fun to make her tea drinking ritual more exciting with an accessory of something new to try.
Ashby's Teas of London - $17.99
Tea Infuser Travel Mug - $28.00
Tea Forte Single Steeps World Of Tea - $11.16


Something to Write in - $6 - $20

skin, hand, leg, finger, girl, I used to maintain a diary until internet blogging ruined me, but I still love to collect journals of all kinds! So, if you have a friend who loves to write, why not gift her a beautiful journal? One of my favorite journals was a gift from a friend who wrote a small poem for me on the first page and I absolutely cherish it still today.
Kate Spade New York Dipped Initial Notebook - $10.72
Erin Condren Watercolor World Journal - $20.00
More Love Marbled Hardcover Journal - $6.00


Something to Wrap up in - $15 - $38

outerwear, robe, professional, girl, costume, I love having a long shower in the night and then settling in bed with a book in a cuddly robe! It’s the perfect way to end the day! So if you have a friend who you think needs more “me time,” why not initiate her into the sacred process by gifting her a super comfortable, super cute, robe?
Honeydew Intimates Jersey Robe - $38.00
Turkish Cotton Robe - $29.99
Metallic Foils Robe in Holiday Rose - $15.00


Something for Her Feet - $14 - $19

vertebrate, shoe, outdoor shoe, In addition to a robe, slippers make a great gift to a Super Woman in need of more me-time! From mules to bunny slippers, you'll be able to find slippers for any lady on your list this Christmas.
PJ Salvage Plush Slippers - $16.00
Faux Fur Slippers - $13.99
Muk Luks Clog Slippers - $18.99


Something for Her Photos - $14 - $23

electronic device, gadget, technology, finger, communication device, A digital keychain used to be super expensive, but they are way more affordable now. If you have a friend or sister on your list who loves taking photos, this gift is a no-brainer. She'll love being able to pull out her favorite pictures anytime she wants to.
Digital Photo Keychain in Electric Purple - $13.92
The Sharper Image Digital Photo Keychain - $22.80
Digital Photo Frame Keychain - $16.00


Something to Mark the Days - $10 - $15

text, yellow, cartoon, games, product, Aww! This is such a great gift for friends that you’ve known for long. Whether you buy a calendar or have one made, she will surely love being able to mark off the days as they go by. And having some great photos to look at will make her smile all day long.
Art of Reading 2018 Wall Calendar - $14.95
2018 Instant Happy Notes Calendar - $11.83
Bold Blossoms Magnetic Desk Pad - $10.00


Something to Make Her Shine - $24 - $45

finger, hand, arm, nail, thumb, I think birthstone rings are great for someone really close to you. I would totally buy one for my sister or my mom and I know they’d love it. I think these would also make a great gift for new moms. I would use her baby’s birthstone and I’m sure that would bring the biggest smile to her face.
One Stackable Birthstone Ring - $24.00
Sterling Silver 3 Stone Birthstone Family Ring - $26.00
PANDORA Birthstone Ring - $45.00


Something to Grow - $14 - $30

leaf, vegetation, plant, plant stem, vascular plant, If you know someone who loves to cook, especially with fresh herbs, here’s a great gift idea for her: a mini mixed herb garden-in-a-pail! It’s convenient for women in the city who do not have the option of having a luxurious garden or anyone who loves to flavor her meals with fresh herbs.
All-in-One Burpee Culinary Herb Garden - $14.99
Williams Sonoma Herb Garden Seed Kit - $29.99
Cooking with Herbs: 50 Simple Recipes for Fresh Flavor - $13.66


Something Cozy for Her Bed - $14 - $38

bed sheet, bed, furniture, textile, product, A great addition to any bedroom is an overhead canopy. A canopy will make your friend wake up feeling like a princess every morning! There are plenty of inexpensive choices and you can pair them with other bedding and accessories.
Nile Bed Canopy - $29.99
White Sheer Bed Canopy - $37.99
Teal Fuzzy Throw Blanket - $13.49


Something for Her Couch - $19 - $20

sleep, If your friend has more reserved taste for home decor, maybe some throw pillows would make the perfect gift! These can be inspirational or goofy with quotes written on them, or simply pretty pillows with elegant designs! Consider what style of accent pillow your friend would like best, then gift it to her. She'll love it!
Bonny Monument Decorative Pillow Set - $19.99
Cream Pom Dot Square Pillow - $18.99
Blissliving Home Tanzania Malika Pillow - $19.99


Something Pretty to Share - $15 - $30

cola, coca cola, carbonated soft drinks, soft drink, fun, Anything personalized is usually great but I have quite a few friends who’d adore personalized stationery. So if you have a friend who uses a lot of stationery, why not gift her a box of personalized note cards or letterheads and envelopes and a great pen? Just something small that she’ll use and love!
Classic Monogram Personalized Notepad - $14.29
Ampersand Personalized Stationery Set - $25.00
Kate Spade All Occasion Gift Box - $30.00


Something to Entertain Her - $5 and up

socialite, girl, product, television program, conversation, I should get a movie gift certificate for my moving-and-shaking grandmother...She has more date nights than I do! For real! I think it’s a great gift for your movie buff friends, especially with all the holiday releases coming up. There’s no way your friends aren’t going to love having a certificate to see a movie. If that's out of your price range, how about some snacks for movie night at home?
fandango.com - $5 and up
Personalized Snack Bowl - $14.99
Movie Night Popcorn Gift Set - $20.88


Something for Her Phone - $20 - $34

human hair color, girl, red hair, Phone cases are something everyone needs and can never get enough of! Online, you'll find thousands of phone cases, each filled with its own personality. You can even design your own on a number of websites! Find or design a phone case representative of your friend's personality and I guarantee she'll love it!
Kate Spade New York Confetti Phone Case - $33.50
Recover Rose Phone Case - $20.00
Personalized Clear Rose Marble Monogram Phone Case - $25.00


Something Fun - $16 - $24

darkness, film, computer wallpaper, A gift isn't always something you can hold; sometimes it's a collection of memories from one amazing Girls' Night Out! Get the gang together to treat yourselves to a good-old-fashioned G.N.O. for Christmas this year.
Girls Night Out Martini Flask - $16.00
WHAT? Girl's Night Edition Game - $23.99
Glitter Wine Glass - $18.00

There you go! And you thought it was hard to find gifts for women that are both inexpensive and perfect. Do you have any other great gift ideas that I could use the next time I am looking for something thoughtful yet wallet-friendly?

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I am looking for a sexy style iphone 4 case or wallet for my iphone 4s. any suggestion ?

Sheila this is a great list! Every time I go to a craft store for my scrapbooking stuff I see handmade jewelry items there and think about making some...but havent yet! My fiance got me a beautiful velvet journal a few years ago...I love it. :)

hey girl's what should i get my first love gift

The only gift on this list I can see enjoying is the bottle of wine, in fact I would needed it to handle the rest of the terrible gifts. This seems to be a list of all those gifts that get thrown into storage or regifted right after the party ends.

i am usually out of ideas when thinking about gifts for my gf and these 20 inexpensive gifts really makes me think in a different way now.

This is a really neat list -- thanks for writing it! If you are interested, my site has all the facts about women's favorite gifts according to marketing research.

BOOK is my favorite gifts. A replica handbags also OK. dora365

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